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London 6 Track EP


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iTunes has posted a 6 track EP of the LP performance in London last week. View the full show page here and read the show's discussion thread here.



01. Iridescent

02. Waiting For The End

03. Rolling In The Deep (Adele Cover; Piano Version)

04. The Catalyst

05. Papercut

06. Bleed It Out


I don't believe this is the LP-edit of the show (meaning not mixed by Pooch & Dylan) but I may be mistaken. The cover of 'Rolling In The Deep' is also available by itself in the iTunes UK store. Hopefully the full show gets released one way or another on iTunes since there's no DSP for this performance.


Download the 6 track EP and hear samples from it here:

- US iTunes Store

- UK iTunes Store

- German iTunes Store

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I do like the mixing on this and I am tempted but I hate the idea of giving those f-ers itunes money!


Do you think the full show will get released or do think this 6-track is it?

Aside from the possibility of DSP release of course.

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The mixes sound so different compared to regular DSPs lol

I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is due to it being a straight rip from the band's audio...no audience, no extra static noise, just the music. IMO, I really like how it sounds, almost sounds like a studio track. However, if I was at the concert, I would want the DSP just to say I was apart of the crowd noise. ;)

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Mini review;

The Catalyst live is awful to be honest, Mike really sounds like he is straining to get the vocals out. Rolling In The Deep? I could care less about it. Nothing about that cover has excited me whatsoever.


The rest of the tracks were good, especially Iridescent.



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finally someone (?) who does a GREAT job mixing linkin park


edit: listening to the EP right now. not sure anymore... the webcast was fucking brilliant, though.

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wt? thats the first i heard that didn't care about that

Well, not everyone likes Rolling In The Deep... but what makes it awesome is how Chester's voice is just awesome! Can't hear it... not avaliable here :(

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