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2011 LPLive M&Gs - Germany


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As you can see by my goofy appearance in the picture above, we've held some pretty cool meetups with fans in Germany over the past few tours. Starting in 2009, we did little "LPL M&Gs" at the box office after each LP show and Dead By Sunrise show in the country and needless to say, they've been pretty successful in my opinion. I participated in Graz, Switzerland, Stuttgart and Gräfenhainichen in 2009 and met some REALLY cool people. We spent the night in train stations, parks, and went out to eat at local McDonalds, Burger Kings, etc and basically just had a bunch of fun after the shows meeting each other and hanging out until we part ways to the next show. Once we even had a barbeque in a field in the rain with a bunch of people!


Cool people like Ana from Germany, Mike from Poland or Stefano from Switzerland were introduced to us (at least me) this way so if you have the time, stop by, see the LPLive staff after the show, meet some new friends, hang out and take a picture!


WHAT: LPLive Meet & Greets

WHEN: AFTER the shows in Germany on the 2011 European Tour - Leipzig, Oberursel, Hamburg, & München

WHERE: Box office (aka "Abendkasse"). There is always one at every show, even outdoor shows, so be sure to find it! In Oberursel for example, it's next to the entrance on the right side.

WHY: To meet some hardcore Linkin Park fans, hang out and have some fun!


Be sure and stop by! Comment below if you plan on attending and/or want more information! Have fun!

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