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Chester called into Finland radio station


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On the 27th of May Chester Bennington called into Yle Radio Finland and talked about 8 minutes. It's funny because the interviewers got surprised and didn't believe that Chester is on the line. He talked about his camping with his family, about touring, warm-up bands etc. At the end of the interview the interviewers asked him 3 questions about Finland.


Check it out here.

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Just listened to it. I find it kinda weird that Chester would just randomly ring a radio station in Finland. But yeh cool. It sounded like he couldnt remember the first track for a second :P haha.

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maybe go on to the Newswire this news ?



Chaz: - Hi this is Chester

DJ's: - Chester whooo ?

Chaz: - lol :lol:

Chaz: - this is Chester Bennington

Dj's: - no , you're kidding ? :huh:

Chaz: - I wish I was. ;)

DJ's: - what is the 1st album of Linkin Park ?

Chaz: - Hybrid Theory

DJ's: - okay, 1st track of the album ?

Chaz: - papercut


Finns do not believe that this is Chester. lol :D

and else, Chester love to drink the coffe, it's great, because I'm also love to drink the coffe.

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i highly doubt it was a surprise for the DJ's. I've been doing some work for radio stations here on my city. It's always combined/planned hehehe.


Btw, nice one

Yep :D if it was real id have hanged up if i were chaz


cmon "CHESTER WHO"? lol

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Pretty cool interview, I wish it was longer and had some better questions though. The ones about Finland were kind of annoying. They should have asked him more questions about LP.

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