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  1. Yes, nothing special about these shirts. It looks like the label creates these things to make money out of band's reputation.
  2. It was after Papercut, Mike said "Let me try something with you guys" (or something similar) and went to the crowd. I have two clips of this (I accidentally stopped recording on the first clip) https://youtu.be/q2FT1jvvMbE https://youtu.be/tSzOIXkcBQU I was also lucky and managed to get one setlist from Lorenzo. But I saw him handing out like three setlists, does all of them have the same drawing by Mike? Also there seemed to be some fuck up with the setlists before the show, the stage worker (I don't know his name, some young guy with shorts) took some setlists from the drawer and taped them down and after discussing with someone, he took 'em up and replaced them.
  3. Oh, did not check my inbox, but it was there. Thanks!
  4. Why can't I download the digital album, when I pre-ordered the bundle?
  5. I'm not very impressed by these shirts. They do not look very official to me. If you type "Linkin Park" into any unofficial online store then this is what comes up most of the time.
  6. Here it is, Chester Bennington on 106.1 BLI! http://www.wbli.com/entertainment/personalities/drive-time-live/D8uzZenJV3sI6PYVUWm94I/
  7. I asked 106.1 BLI radio if they will release the interview with Chester and they said they will have it up on WBLI.com in the next few days
  8. Nope, it was rumored to be released in the new Martin Garrix album, but the album has still not been released.
  9. Hey, please check out the music video that I made for the track https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pK8Ee8_B20w
  10. What are you talking about? The crowd was fucking insane. I was there and when LP came to the stage the crowd went nuts. Everybody around me was singing along and jumping, even the ones who weren't Linkin Park fans but knew the old songs anyway. I was pushed around from one spot to another all the time. After the Hybrid Theory songs were over, the crowd calmed down just a little bit, cause some people didn't know the new songs so well but sang along the chorus anyway. I agree that between the songs the crowd wasn't so loud, but during the songs, specially on the HT songs, the crowd was just epic. I've been to two LP shows before and one of them was LP only and even there the people weren't so loud. It's one thing to draw conclusions from the audio and video, but if you were there, you'd know what I'm talking about.
  11. What do you guys think of it? Seems very cruel of them to ruin one girl's show with that stupid mosh pit.
  12. I think when you get all the pieces then you'll have to do one big final puzzle to get the picture together.
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