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10.11.2010 - London, England (Night 1)


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LP's first back-to-back performance in the same city on the "A Thousand Suns" World Tour has arrived, this time in the form of two shows at London's O2 Arena. Coincidentally, the band also closed their 11 show winter European Tour in 2008 in the same fashion with two shows at the same venue. The 'Given Up' video was partially filmed at those shows! Anyway tonight should be LP's THIRD appearance at the O2 Arena in London! They've headlined the Wembley Arena (2003) and Docklands Arena (2001) as well as the Brixton Academy a few times and a few other venues around town (Astoria, Goldsmith College). LP played two promo shows for 'Minutes To Midnight' in Europe in 2007....the first in Berlin and the second being in London (show page here). Tonight will be the 15th show out of 16 in Europe in 2010 for "A Thousand Suns". Hopefully they return to Europe next year! Actually, I'm 110% sure they will, haha.


Here's where the LPU Summit takes place in 2010 too! Who's going to that? Remember the LPUX CD tracklisting will now be revealed within I'd say...24-48 hours from now. So if you're reading this, it's not much longer. Excited much? There's a TON of stuff going on at the Summit. Be sure and rep LPLive.net if you're there!


So in Birmingham last night (show page here) the band played possibly what we at LPLive HQ would consider the best 'Bleed It Out' mashup to date. 'Reading My Eyes' AND 'A Place For My Head' were BOTH over it. Jigga whaaaat? Err, yeah. How fucking cool. And here's where I'd like to say THANKS to LPL member ryanbell44 who requested 'Reading My Eyes' at the LPU M&G. You rock man. A bunch of other stuff happened too. A fan named Chris was brought up from the crowd to play Mike's guitar part on 'Crawling'...the first time they've EVER brought a fan up to play 'Crawling'. They brought up Jeanne from the LPU in 2001 on 'Crawling' at this show to stand on the side of the stage, but that's about the closest we've gotten. On the Meteora World Tour in 2004, at Camden, NJ on Projekt Revolution 2004 and at Berlin's 2007 show, they brought fans up to play 'Faint' on guitar. Berlin was actually the famous 'There They Go/Faint' mashup, but I'll count that anyway. Sweet!


It's also worth mentioning that Chester had some problems on 'Leave Out All The Rest' and fans are saying that the crowd had to sing part of the song. I guess that'll be fixed on the DSP (dang!) though. We don't have any videos of the show yet since it's only been like 6-7 hours since it finished but I'll be sure and either add the 'Crawling', 'Leave Out All The Rest', and 'Bleed It Out' videos to tomorrow's post or to another post after the end of the tour. Stay tuned! Or if you have them just post them in this thread. Also, the Madrid EMA full show should be uploaded within a few days. It aired live on TV (the entire main set) and it was recorded, so you don't have to wait a few weeks for that MTV World Stage airing Mike mentioned on his blog to see the full show. I'll keep you updated on that.


Who's in London, who's going to London, who's at the Summit and who's ready for two nights of back-to-back Linkin Park at the same venue to close out the European Tour? Anyone feel like requesting anything out of the ordinary for Mike to do over 'Bleed It Out' to end the tour? 'QWERTY'? 'With You'? Thoughts on that?


EDIT: Here's 'Crawling'!


'Reading My Eyes' over 'Bleed It Out' can be found

and 'Leave Out All The Rest' can be found



01. The Requiem

02. Wretches And Kings

03. Papercut

04. Given Up

05. New Divide

06. Faint

07. Empty Spaces

08. When They Come For Me

09. No More Sorrow

10. Jornada Del Muerto

11. Waiting For The End

12. Wisdom, Justice, And Love

13. Iridescent

14. Numb

15. The Radiance (Live Version)

16. Breaking The Habit

17. Shadow Of The Day

18. Crawling

19. One Step Closer


20. Fallout

21. The Catalyst

22. The Messenger

23. In The End

24. What I've Done

25. Bleed It Out ('Burning In The Skies' chorus over bridge)

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PLEASE ask them to do part of me (maybe over bleed it out?) They never played that awesome song... (: Or anyways I want a HT EP song... (:

and DAMN you people who go to the summit, I want to go soooooo badly! but I don't live in england and I have school today etc. please tell me err'thing LPL (:

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I know that maybe I'm just a dremear and it' impossible but please if someone going the M&G could request this (Figure 09/From The Inside PR04 transition and With You) would be awesome.


PS - Mike if you read this, please play this two!!

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I know that maybe I'm just a dremear and it' impossible but please if someone going the M&G could request this (Figure 09/From The Inside PR04 transition and With You) would be awesome.


PS - Mike if you read this, please play this two!!

They wont be able to play Figure.09 or With You which i have stated in many threads.

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but in one thread someone says that Phoenix keep in mind Figure 09 And P5ngh Me A*wy

Yeh but i highlyyyy doubt it for this tour. I know they could play P5shing Me A*wy but figure.09 has a lot less of a chance.


Why? Gear they have in their current setup.


Brad doesn't have his oldly strung PRS in his rig and hasnt had it for a while. And i highly doubt Brad will take one of his backups and restring it just for that song.


Same reason why they most likely cant play Dont Stay and With you. I dont think Brad has those guitars he uses for the songs (The Ibanezs) in his rig.

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Birmingham NEC show 9th Nov 2010:


1. New Devide was messed up during the song, the band paused for a few seconds cause mike frogot where he was in the song and also chester messed up the words, they tried kicking the song in the best they could and where they could.


2. Crawling saw a fan come up from the crowd, christopher from licolnshire, who played really well with no fuck ups.


3. Mike sang parts of New Devide in a mikey mouse voice just after numb, it was about a min or so long then breaking the habbit kicked in.


4. Chester didnt seem to have mic problems during leave out all the rest, he forgot the words because later in the show he said he messed it up and he had the word right in front of him, he took the words off the floor and gave them to someone in the crowd.


5. During In The End Mike went into the crowd to sing, and mike called chester to follow him, so then they both sang into the crowd.


6. Mike stated before Bleed It Out started they had a request in the LPU meet to be played, so he did reading my eyes over the start of BIO, and APFMH during the bridge.



I tried to tape the show, i was all rigged up and 9 times out of 10 the venue dont search but last night they did, and i had the disc of my mini disc taken off me and was told to collect it after the show but i thought balls to that ill buy a new one. The should be aload of vids on you tube as there was phones n digi cams everywhere.

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the new devide mess up:



video not great just found it on youtube

Thats a mistake on Chester and Joe, Not Mike. Everyone got their cue right. Chester forgot it was a half chorus and Joe didnt play the sample.

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