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  1. where did you hear castle of glass?
  2. CCtjehh

    Older DSP's?

    That would be awesome! LPU tour would be great but shows from 2001 too! some old LP stuff
  3. meh I'm not on it.... if I joined three days earlier I would be on it XD (I saw two names that I know have joined three days before I did ^^)
  4. of course america... ;/ never europe. -whines-
  5. I wanna see the vid with LP and LPU summit people so bad! <3
  6. The interaction between scott and Chester is just great! Chester and Mike should do that, I think I'd laugh my ass off xD I mean imagine it, lolz ^^
  7. PLEASE ask them to do part of me (maybe over bleed it out?) They never played that awesome song... (: Or anyways I want a HT EP song... (: and DAMN you people who go to the summit, I want to go soooooo badly! but I don't live in england and I have school today etc. please tell me err'thing LPL (:
  8. I wish I could kiss and hug Linkin Park the way Chester hugs STP... sigh (:
  9. Is there a W&K remix from GBC?? whaaaaaaat? when will it come out? or is it already out?
  10. I guess it's okay... I love electronical music... but I think I heared better remixes. I do like the bass, though.
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