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Songs and your ratings


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so i was somewhat bored and decided to make a thread where you write ratings (10/10, 9/10, 6/10) and the songs that belong to each. for me i am including new divide and blackbirds and some other non-album/ demo songs but not all of them. you can do as you please, i'm also not including the interludes of ATS


10/10- Papercut, One Step Closer, With You, Points of Authority, Crawling, Runaway, In the End, A Place For My Head, Pushing Me Away, Foreward, Don't Stay, Forgotten, Somewhere I Belong, Lying From You, Easier to Run, Faint, Figure.09, Breaking the Habit, From the Inside, Nobody's Listening, Session, Numb, Given Up, Leave Out All the Rest, Bleed It Out, What I've Done, Hands Held High, No More Sorrow, In Between, In Pieces, Burning in the Skies, When They Come For Me, Waiting For the End, Wretches amd Kings, Iridescent, The Catalyst, The Messenger, New Divide, Blackbirds, And One, Part of Me, Across the Line, QWERTY


9/10- Valentine's Day, Shadow of the Day, She Couldn't,


8/10- Blackout, By Myself, Pretend to Be


7/10- Cure For The Itch, Hit the Floor


6/10- Robot Boy


3/10- The Little Things Give You Away

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-Papercut, With You, Crawling, Runaway, In the End;

-My dcmbr (Mickey P. feat. Kelli Ali), P5hng me a'wy (Mike Shinolda feat. Sthepen richards), Plc.4 haed (Amp live feat. Zion), Krwlng (Mike Shinolda feat. Aaron Lewis), Istp klosr (The Humble brothers feat. Jonathan Davis)

-Somewhere I Belong, Easier to Run, Faint, Breaking the Habit, From the Inside;

-Numb encore;

-Given Up, Leave Out All the Rest, Bleed It Out, What I've Done, Shadow of the day;

-Burning in the Skies, Waiting For the End, Wretches & Kings, Iridescent, The Catalyst;

-My December, New Divide, High voltage, Across the Line, QWERTY



-One step closer, Points of authority, a place, pushing me away, By myself;

-Figure09, Numb, don't stay, session;

-hands held high, In pieces, Little things, valentines day;

-The messenger, When they come for me, blackout;

-And one, reading my eyes, She couldn't, pretend to be, blackbirds;




-nobody listening, lying from you;

-no more sorrow;

-We made it;

-Robot boy, Jornada;

-part of me, step up;



-hit the floor,

-in between,

-Not alone;

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1/10 - no roads left.

1/10 - easier to run.

1/10 - numb.

1/10 - all interludes on ATS.


9/10 - every other piece of music they have ever graced with their talent; including reanimation, mmm... cookies, not alone, we made it (technically not their song but w/e), etc.


OH, and:


1/10 - fort minor.

9/10 - dead by sunrise.

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haha talk about controversy!


I'm gonna be really realalistic with my choices. Not every song deserves the 10/10 rating...


10/10 ---- And One, Part of Me, With You, Place for my Head, No more sorrow, In Pieces, The little things give you away, When they come for me, Wretches and kings, QWERTY (live), Reading my eyes (live), A.06, My December


09/10 ---- Carousel, Step Up, Papercut, one step closer, Points of Authority, Lying from you, Breaking the habit, Easier to Run, From the inside, The Requiem, Waiting for the end, Not Alone, She couldn't, Dedicated, No Roads left


08/10 ---- Runaway, By Myself, Forgotten, Pushing me away, Don't stay, Faint, Figure.09, Wake, Given Up, Bleed it out, Hands Held High, Blackout, Iridescent, Robot boy, The Catalyst, The messenger, New Divide, across the line, announcement service public,


07/10 ----- Technique, High Voltage, Crawling, In the end, cure for the itch, somewhere i belong, Hit the floor, Nobodies listening, session, Leave out all the rest, What I've done, Shadow of the Day, Valentines Day, Burning in the skies, Fallout, Jornada Del Mureto, Wisdom Justive & love


06/10 ----- Numb, In Between, Pretend to be, Sold my soul to yo mama,


05 & less ------ Foreward, The Radiance, Empty spaces


Phew! theres moreorless every studio song the've done. My humble opinion of course :)

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10/10 - High Voltage , With You , A Place For My Head , The Requiem , The Radiance , Burning in the Skies

When They Come For Me , Jornada Del Muerto , Waiting for the End , Fallout , The Catalyst , New Divide

Wake , Given Up , Leave Out All The Rest , Hands Held High , Shadow Of The Day , Bleed It Out , In Pieces

Don't Stay , Breaking the Habit , From the Inside , Faint , Session , Coal , Halo , Pale


9/10 - Somewhere I Belong , Lying From You , Hit the Floor , Figure.09 , Numb , In the End , Forgotten , MyDecember

Crawling , Robot Boy , Wretches And Kings , Wisdom, Justice and Love , Iridescent , The Messenger

What I've Done , No More Sorrow , Valentine's Day , No Roads Left , I Have Not Begun ,



8/10 - One Step Closer , Papercut , Points of Authority , Easier To Run , Runaway , Cure for the Itch

Pushing Me Away , In Between , The Little Things Give You Away , Blackout , Unfortunate , Divided

Announcement Service Public , A.06 , Carousel , And One , QWERTY , Dedicated




7/10 - We Made It , What We Don't Know , Pretend To Be , Across The Line , By Myself , Nobody's Listening

Reading my Eyes , Step Up , She Couldn't , It's Going Down


4/10 - Part Of Me , Sold My Sold to Yo Mama


1/10 - Technique , Not Alone , Standing In The Middle

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10/10 From The Inside, Breaking The Habit, Dont Stay, When They Come For Me, Figure.09


9/10 Valentines Day, A Place For My Head, Reading My Eyes, Blackout, Easier To Run,HandsHeld High, No More Sorrow, Wretches And Kings, Iridescent, Pushing Me Away, In The End, The Catalyst


8/10 Papercut, One Step Closer, Points Of Authority, Bleed It Out, New Divide, What Ive Done, Faint, Somewhere I Belong, Jornada Del Muetro, Waiting For The End, Across The Line, High Voltage


7/10 Robot Boy, Given Up, Shadow Of The Day, Blackbirds, And One, Step Up, The Messenger


5/10 Hit The Floor, Numb, Nobodys Listening


2/10 Session, Cure For The Itch


0/10 All of LPU8, Empty Spaces

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