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LPLive Gift-away! Winners


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After days of deliberation with voting between the staff members, including slow voters/lazy voters, people holding out until after X person voted, etc..... we have FINALLY found out who the winner of the 2010 LPLive Gift-away! is!


Congratulations to none other than...


rav0k and Linkin/Joze!


Read the winning post here.


-Nick- will be in touch with you regarding your prizes shortly. Since rav0k didn't specify which prize he wanted Linkin/Joze to have, it will be up to him to decide which he wants - the "8 Bit Rebellion" skinned iPod Touch or the LPU Prize Pack. Thanks for participating, everyone. We hope to do another giveaway very soon!

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I REALLLLYYYYY wanted to win this one. :( :( :(

Anyway, congrats to both of you.


Is there any chance that I might get to know that who were the other 2 people between whom there was a 3-way tie?? I guess since the contest is over now, you can tell it.

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i've screamed like chester fucking bennington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this is more than awesome

thanks for this awesome prize


thanks to ravok for being so awesome with me! yo thanks for your support, your help

thanks man in a good way, i love you!


thanks to LPL for being one of the best LP sites ever


and it really is!

im an old school fan and i have been of every site, from Pushmeaway to CS, FTG, LPA

and really this site is now a living legend


thank you guys

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