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B-sides in Meeting of A Thousand Suns


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Maybe it was the quality of the version on Hulu that kept me from noticing before, but having just got my CD/DVD today (had to be shipped from my house to my dorm), I hear some extra music in the documentary. I thought I'd make a thread about when in the DVD it plays, if for no reason other than just having it in writing (or typing).


1. 5:20 - 5:30: Chester screaming vocals and Rob drumming.


2. 5:30 - 5:40: Mike on harmonica and I believe Phoenix on piano.


These two just seem very unstructured and more experimentation/random jamming than actual demos or b-sides, but you never know.


3. 9:25 - 9:36: What sounds like Brad (I assume) playing an acoustic melody. It's playing under Chester speaking. This is one of my favorite "other" pieces of music from the DVD.


4. 15:21 - 15:25: Mid-tempo electronic beat. Brad seems kind of "eh" about it. Also, Mike says "let's listen to the 5 and see what we think," meaning this song must have been a fairly new idea at this point.


5. 15:34 - 15:39: Slowish Mike "donna" melody. One of a "group of five," the groups of songs that LP focused in on and apparently more or less finished. Pretty audible bass.


6. 15:52 - 15:56: Ambient beat. Another one of a group of five, meaning this one should supposedly be finished or close to it. Definitely another favorite of mine (from what tiny bit there is).


7. 22:57 - 23:04: Heavy-as-fuck electro beat. This is from a demo Mike was making in the event that Warner was going to tell them that none of their music was right for a first single (like MTM and What I've Done). I'm assuming since they settled on The Catalyst that this was never finished.


8. 26:25 - 28:31: Ambient piano track. One very interesting thing to note is that at the 26:43 mark, if you listen very closely because this song is playing very subtly, you can hear Mike start to sing,-and then it quickly stops as if the song is on a loop (which I'd imagine it is since it plays in the background for over 2 minutes).


That's it for the unheard music I hear in MOATS. If you guys see anything you think should be changed, say so.


EDIT: I figured since I'm posting about the demos we hear in the documentary, I might as well type up a list of the ones we see on the board.


Left Right, Meadowlands (Waiting For The End), Primo, Sakura, Tinfoil, Mikespiano, Robot Boy, Underbite, and Rygar were the ones I could read.

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How do you actually know what was in what groups of 5,etc and the song that Mike was planning in the event of an emergency single.


The doc doesn't really give any of that away I thought.

After re-watching, after Mike says "let's listen to the five," six different songs play XD so I guess we don't know for sure.


The emergency single one was for sure though. They're discussing it before he plays it.

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