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"The Requiem" - Mike Lipsynching?


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I highly doubt hes Lip Syncing. Its like using a talkbox on the guitar. Once you've played it the way you want it and got the sound you want, it basically sticks to you and never changes. Livin on a prayer Its my life Talkbox is a perfect example.


Also, if you believe this is the case why not say the same for Fallout, That sounds exactly like the album to, but we all know hes not lip syncing because you hear his voice fade in when the effect fades out. If there was no effect what so ever on Requiem, then you would know hes not Lip Syncing.


I think its a little too early to be judging it. Give it a few more good quality videos before we all judge.

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No I didn't do this for traffic. At all. I did this because this is LPLive and this is the first time I've ever noticed anything like this before. This is purely for discussion. Same thing I do when I find something cool/odd/interesting LP live-wise. Like "SAY FUCK THAT SIDE" Bleed It Out video from Zurich 2007. I actually didn't know Mike shouted out the site until after this was posted. I do agree it was bad timing but I wasn't aware of it at the time. When I was informed, I told the person that questioned it to move it to the live discussion area.


I didn't like ATS the first listen but I'm a huge fan now. Great album. lol @ me hating EVERYTHING the first listen.


I don't hate ATS, I don't hate Mike, I don't hate Requiem. This was just something small I noticed that I wanted to prod people to discuss. If you think I do things for traffic you're entirely mistaken. I DO time things around traffic spikes (like when a tour starts I'll post an exclusive or like last night when I posted the Gift-away when the show was over).


Also, Mike posted this in a comment on his blog:

Good question. Regarding the robot voice of the set intro (Requiem)-I’m singing through the same vocoder effect we used on the album. It’s the first time we’ve used this effect live. We weren’t sure if it was going to work, the crowd noise might have messed it up and made some nasty noise. So we played back a track of the robot through the speakers at the same time, that way we could mute my mic if the crowd noise ruined the effect. We might do it this way a couple times before we decide to do it one way or the other (if we decide to go with pre-recorded, I wont even be on stage, we’ll just play the intro without live vocals). Similar situation for “Fallout”. Hope that clears it up for you guys.

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