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  1. Easy tiger! I think it'd be a good question at the summit...
  2. This will be my first of three shows this summer going with a friend who hasn't been to an LP show before- cant wait to see her reaction
  3. Don't recall my seat but I'm in Orch A. Going with NumbRocker02 & LPxDC & company!! Woo! Wouldn't swimming in the Atlantic be awesome at an LP Show?
  4. yeah i saw NIN with seats too but i was so pissed i hadn't gotten GA, so GA = not pissed
  5. flying to LA all the way form NY to go to this show (LA on wednesday? i dont think so, yay for sunday show) and coming with a few friends from LA... got GA
  6. going, went to the 2008 show and wouldn't miss this. hope to see everyone from the best buys show xx
  7. PIT. id be there no later than 2, and also linkin park crowds arent that violent LOL
  8. i confess, this is true. speaking for myself.
  9. but the thing is, even if he was "pretending" to sing... it really has no bearing in the whole scheme of things, and i feel like this jumped the boat for no reason. there's also more i want to say but i won't.
  10. yes there were 2 mics... lol and then for new divide the other
  11. NO HES NOT you werent even there, you had to be closer
  12. i agree 100%, this thread is done in really poor taste. there is a difference between lip syncing and what happened here, i mean damn even if he WAS LIP SYNCING who CARES it was never his natural voice TO BEGIN WITH. hes playing the keys live, and mouthing/singing whatever the hell. this is going too far, don't taint his name, especially when he reps this website!??! oh and no one gave a shit at the show either, so shh
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