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  1. I thought the same but I changed my mind when I saw Esaul there, he doesn't specify what version of Esaul but the one that hasn't been released is from 2000, not Xero era. If I'm not wrong Explode is the title fans gave to the demo of Part Of Me (but I'm not so sure, I found this name on a YouTube video). Plus I don't understand why Fuse has been put in the Hybrid Theory era seen it's from 1997.
  2. There are not enough elements to say he's lipsynching or not, but I definitely think is not, because there is no need to do it and because the voice seems a little bit sharper than the studio version.
  3. I even see some demos like Dedicated or Explode are missing
  4. I think it's alternative rock or soft rock, but Linkin Park doesn't like to be labeled with a genre, so it's better we don't label their songs.
  5. I'd like to listen to every demo Linkin Park made for One More Light sooner or later: http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=12128&page=5&do=findComment&comment=263999
  6. Thank you! Effectively the video isn't on LPU site, why was it deleted?
  7. Can you please send the link? I thought that no one had ever heard The Little Thing Give You Away with Mike's voice, this is incredibly rare, I think.
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