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  1. my dad told me that mediafire is not an official site. do you know which site is not safe anymore? Demonoid
  2. i tried to download it, can you re-post it? it's a dead link, September 5, please? if you founded it on mediafire, don't post, post it from another page, i'm sick and tired of mediafire WHY DOES NO ONE REPLIES AND PUT A LINK SINCE IT'S DEAD? cause here it is: https://archive.org/details/LPLive-090500
  3. i have a list of songs, more it can be a 2 disc CD1 1 Pictureboard 2 Sick "Don't Stay Demo" 3 Be Yourself 4 Xero Reborn 5 Ground Xero 6 Song E (Jar Jar Binks) "From The "Minutes To Midnight" Demos" 7 Plaster II 8 3A "From Stagelight" 9 Threat "From Bundle II" CD2 10 Song Number 72 "From The "Minutes To Midnight" Demos" 11 Thoughts That Take Away My Pride 12 Machine Shop Mixtape Song 13 Fucking Awesome "From The "A Thousand Suns" Demos" 14 Whatever The Fuck "Rare Demo with Ryu of Styles of Beyond" 15 Chicken Basket "From The "A Thousand Suns" Demos" 16 I Hate The World Ri
  4. i need argentina, does someone have a rip of it? no mediafire links, or don't post
  5. they're all virus pages, especially Demonoid, that now turned into a virus page
  6. This is a new topic cause i read in LPU 17 wishlist that it's time for LPU 18, LPU 17 didn't had a CD, it was a bundle
  7. mediafire gave me virus once then give us a link of it, but it can't be at mediafire, that page gave me virus then get VLC or delete it upload if you have Xero shows with the HT shows
  9. I hope not, since there was a song named "Pictureboard" i always wanted to hear it I mean, if you have a download of a possible version of the album tell me you're obligated to need "Pictureboard" and "Sick ("Don't Stay" 2002 Demo) in the LPU
  10. so that's LPU 17??? I thought it was a CD, so we can finally hear "Pictureboard", or we need to wait til LPU 18