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  1. Please remember that if an unverified source is claiming to have some Linkin Park-related news to check in with one of the Official Linkin Park Global Ambassadors before you take it as gospel. They can get in touch with WB/LP Management to confirm if it is true or false. List of LP Global Ambassadors here: https://linkinpark.com/news/news/438088/linkin-park-global-ambassadors
  2. Yes! It was all downhill from there. Chester urging me to sing. Rob and Phoenix asking why I wasn't in a band. World-famous musicians complimenting your talents = peak of life unless I can somehow make it for my music myself.
  3. That is one fat Asian fuck talking about the Summit at the 0:54 mark. I bet he goes by some lame username like minusxero online. What a tool.
  4. Are you daft? They were mentioned before LPLive in the twitter post. https://twitter.com/LinkinWarriorLP/status/...106730321977344
  5. Before anyone asks, Viserion is the name of one of the dragons from A Song of Ice and Fire, AKA Game of Thrones on HBO.
  6. When I say a bit, I mean A BIT. Not a lot. I just posted it to the thread on LPA, but here it is for you guys. TINFOIL Faint (Ext. Outro) Papercut Given Up (Ext. Outro w/ Extra Note) With You (Ext. 2012 Intro; 2012 Scratch Outro) Somewhere I Belong (2012 Intro) IN MY REMAINS New Divide VICTIMIZED (w/ QWERTY) Points Of Authority LIES GREED MISERY Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro; Ext. Outro) Breaking The Habit LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent (Ballad Medley) The Catalyst LOST IN THE ECHO (2012 Intro) Numb What I've Done One Step Closer (Ext. Outro) ---------------------------
  7. They changed it up a bit. I'll post it once I put all my notes in.
  8. Because someone complaining about a recording of a concert is justified. Want to hear Faint with the "faster" outro? Get another DSP. When you spend $120 on a concert ticket, you've the right to speak. Until then, there are plenty of recordings of the "other" Faint outro.
  9. There was plenty of guitar in ATS. Just not powerchord nu-metal rage guitars.
  10. It couldn't have happened to a better guy. Joe is the coolest admin on LPA.
  11. I'll take Potential Sarcasm for 500, Trebek.
  12. The video is labeled as an LPA exclusive, by the way. Check the title.
  13. Back to topic, the news about LP being SECOND was, as I called it, false as the official numbers weren't out yet. And now the numbers are in and they are #1. Off-topic, I'm not a mod or an admin on either site. I'm just calling it as it is.
  14. Apparently my post linking proof of Mark attempting to start shit on another fansite for no reason went on deaf ears. Oh well.
  15. The argument in question that he initiated was deleted by mods due to not wanting to start crap. In this case, he came to the Hot Topic contest thread only to say 'Oh we were approached for this contest too but we didn't accept' and then caused further heat. But the post afterwards where he tries to start more shit again remain intact. Source For those of you who don't want to click the link: