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NYC 9/14 Show Update / LA Laser Event


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Just a heads up, an email has gone out to you LPU members (and those of you that preordered LPUX) to purchase tickets for the 9/14/2010 concert in New York City. A password is included for you LPU members, and also, an email has gone out to you that preordered "A Thousand Suns" from linkinpark.com. You can now get your tickets too!


Tickets are on sale right now for LPU members and those who preordered ATS, so go get your tickets! This show WILL sell out! The show is 16 and over.


Click here to buy tickets. ($US 50.00 + 18.00 or so convenience fee)


An update on the LA laser event: "Fans living in the Los Angeles area can RSVP for the Laser Light Exhibition through the events page. Simply click on the September 7th event and select "I'm Going." Space is limited, selected fans will be notified via email with additional details when confirmed. DO NOT RSVP unless you are 100% sure you can attend; no-shows will lose future LPU event privileges. Please do not RSVP for the laser event both on LPU and on the pre-order site."

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Yeoo man, are the people who managed to get tickets earlier safe? Like they're not canceling all the tickets and starting fresh are they?

Yep if you got a ticket earlier you're fine :)


dam wheres my email??

You didn't get one? I got one about 10-15 minutes ago.

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Na fo realz, I saw one kid that said he was 15 and felt bad when I ordered my ticket. I hate that bullshit so if they wanna go let me know.

yeah when i was 15 i wanted to go to nokia to see FM.. and then my friend had to tell me that they didnt even ask for ID LOL

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I don't have it! I always tend to wear my LPU2 shirt, since I destroyed the LPU1 in high school. It's as old school as I can get and got a nod from Mike once.

the oldest one i have is the eagle 4.0 one


and lets just say it doesnt exactly fit in the northern region anymore

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