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Mike Shinoda on the LPU chat 4/7/10


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A few hours ago, Mike's been chating on the LPU surprisingly. He spent some minutes in there, not very important stuff, he said Blackbirds will be available on iTunes a few days after the release of 8 bit rebellion, that the song and the game will bring loads of merchandasing like shirts (see below), ringtones, that they're not sure if they'll be performing Blackbirds in future concerts and he stated that the best comment ever of the night was:


@LaurenLP: you should design some Ugg boots with your art. Call them THUGGS. LOL

@mshinoda: shinoda ugg boots = blasphemy


Posted ImagePosted Image

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Some questions and answers from this chat:


Mohnaryl (21:35):

Mike, it's you uploaded new track of Cypress Hill?

mshinoda (21:35):

Oh yeah, Cypress Hill...

mshinoda (21:36):

Did that album leak?

Linkin_Park_Fan809 (21:36):

Your song at least

mshinoda (21:36):

Isn't the song called "Carry Me Away"

Linkin_Park_Fan809 (21:36):

Yes it is

mshinoda (21:37):

Oh yeah, so that song is real. I worked on it with them a long time ago. It was one of the first songs done for the album.


The_Crazy_Kid (21:38):

SO MIKE, on average how long does it take you to complete a painting??? How long is your new painting taking you to



mshinoda (21:38):

Complete a painting? Anywhere from 4-5 hours to a few weeks.



pbizkit33 (21:38):

Will the 8 bit versions be available downloads on iTunes?

mshinoda (21:39):

8 bit songs might not be available on iTunes; they're not that exciting to listen to on their own, without the game

mshinoda (21:39):

But they would make GREAT ringtones

mshinoda (21:39):

We're planning to make ringtones.

mshinoda (21:40):

And some shirts and hoodies and stuff like that.


nico_skinnyman (21:40):

Will you play Blackbirds on future concerts?

mshinoda (21:41):

Blackbirds in concert? not sure


Mohnaryl (21:40):

Mike, what about Joe. Where is him?

mshinoda (21:40):

Joe is at his house.


coopersnow (21:36):

Mike I was just wondering today, did you write Dedicated?

coopersnow (21:36):

and Bleed it Out?

mshinoda (21:40):

Dedicated: 100% (I think). BIO: most of it, but not all.


ZachJ (21:41):

Will Blackbirds be available on iTunes after the games been out for a while? Or will it always remain a prize? Also, you said


your going to keep updating 8 Bit so do you think you'll make more songs as a prize for beating the game? or just Blackbirds?

mshinoda (21:41):

Blackbirds will probably be on iTunes a little while after the game has been out


Mohnaryl (21:42):

Mike, you are under me. :)

mshinoda Кому (21:42):



The_Crazy_Kid (21:43):

So mike will the band be hosting M & G on your next tour, i mean will all band members be there or just one or two of you



mshinoda (21:44):

M&G - not sure yet


ZachJ (21:44):

Hey Mike, can you recommend any good music right now? My iPod is running low on new good music.

mshinoda (21:44):

Good music right now?

mshinoda (21:45):

I liked the new Massive Attack and Hot Chip. There are also some songs floating around by a rapper names King Fantastic that


are pretty entertaining.

mshinoda (21:45):

The last three things I bought were:

mshinoda (21:45):

1.) Wu Massacre

mshinoda (21:45):

2.) Yeasayer Odd Blood

mshinoda (21:45):

3.) The Beach Boys / Pet Sounds

bthaxor Кому mshinoda (21:46):

HAHA the beach boys

mshinoda (21:46):

Yep. Great album.


bthaxor (21:46):

mike, will you ever bring any concerts like projekt revolution to australia?

mshinoda (21:46):

PR to AUS: not sure


Mohnaryl (21:46):

BTW Carry Me Away is awesome. You've got beautiful voice. :)

mshinoda (21:47):

Carry Me Away (Cypress Hill) - thanks!


bthaxor (21:47):

if you guys come to aus i will personally buy you a pair of ugg boots...

mshinoda (21:47):

Ugg boots are still cool here in LA. Every girl has them.

mshinoda (21:48):

And some guys (which I think is suspect).


coopersnow (21:49):

Make some converse

mshinoda (21:49):

I'm gonna suggest that to Ryu, for sure.


nico_skinnyman (21:54):

Do you follow LOST?

mshinoda (21:54):

LOST? no


mshinoda (21:55):

OK peeps. I gotta go. Gotta get my stuff together for my big snowboarding trip.


wen_wen (21:56):

mike, do you ever answer people on twitter?

mshinoda (21:56):

no, I don't answer on Twitter. It seems clutter-y to me.

mshinoda (21:57):

I talk on the blog, in the chat, some sometimes on the message board on LPU and LP.com


Mohnaryl (21:57):

Mike be honest, Brad doesn't like the Russian fans? :)

mshinoda Кому (21:57):

Brad likes Russia, don't be silly.


mshinoda (21:58):

OK guys, going now, for real. BYE

Edited by Mohnaryl
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cool! im proud that Mike is doing everything he can to connect to the LPU. wow. Too bad it was 1 in the morning or so damn 3 hour difference from the west/east coast lol.

And Mike is right you can buy some new merch on bandmerch. i got the explode teeshirt last weekend and still waiting for it arrive but it looks cool!!

Posted ImagePosted Image

Left to right

Explode - Tie Fighter

IMO explode looks better :)

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LP fails every time at making shirts lol. I have yet to see a decent looking LP shirt since MTM came out. The HT and Meteora-era ones were great, but I just don't dig any of the futuristic stuff.

i think the one on the left with the band members is a cool lookin shirt. but i kinda agree with you.
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I like the 'Tie Fighter' shirt, but LP needs to simplify their shirts. They go for this huge design that covers up the entire front of the shirt when one with just the 8-Bit LP characters across the front would look amazing. Some of my favorite band shirts have the simplest designs.


Awesome chat w/ Mike. Wish I could have been there!!

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