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LinkinPark.com DBS Update


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I just go the info from Jacrid that linkinpark.com updated all DBS shows for this February on their event page. Check it out here

You can say that you attend the show or maybe go there. It's the same just like on the old LP.com/LPU site for all LP shows within the last years!

If you are already part of the new LP.com and attend a DBS show just go there and RSVP.

We also get an overview who is going to which event and I think quite a lot people from LPL will go to see DBS this February, because we also like to plan the meet&greets with the LPL members already a little bit, so if you go to any DBS show just let me know by PM'ing me with your real name or just post in this topic!

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I will be attending the show in Amsterdam! :lol:

I seriously can't wait!

Thinking about it aready makes me go crazy again!

I went nuts when I found out that they were going to perform here!



My real name is Lisa van Ree from the netherlands (duh)

Hope that there will be a meet&greet!



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