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  1. Awweesomme show!! I did the MFR volunteering, (the couple who engaged were also volunteers). It was really fun to hang out with a few LPUers there! But the show just destroyed it! The band had a great energy and the crowd was also insane! And with this fucking heavy setlist, it was one of my top LP shows, maybe even the top! Now looking forward to berlin
  2. raaaaphy

    Older DSP's?

    I would love to hear older shows in good quality. Some good versions of Easier To Run or Hit The Floor?
  3. So i was there, got finally home today! There is one mistake in that setlist, they didn't play jornada del muerto, they went directly from NMS to WFTE. Great show, they were really on fire. I like Chester doing these heavy screams, like in the WID bridge.
  4. so there aren't any audio recordings of the "are you gonna be my girl" cover?
  5. Wow, really amazing interview! For me it's the best ATS interview they've done. And I'm so looking forward to WTCFM live, this will kick ass. Hopefully it will be a single!
  6. Waoh, just waoh... Really amazing video! Great job
  7. Amaaaaaaziiing!!!! It's so fckin great, I'm so happy
  8. Hey guys, I'm also a bit late, but maybe you like mine http://www.indabamusic.com/submissions/show/25820
  9. How many pics do you want per show? Do you just want show pics, or also pics of the whole audience, the venue and M&G pics?
  10. My favourite moment was Stuttgart last year. I was there and it was my fifth LP show, and it was the best that I attended. I was in the first- second line completely in the middle, and I had a great view. The place and the weather was great, it was really an amazing atmosphere. LP just rocked so hard, Chester was on fire all the time (Think he was pumped for the DBS Encore) and DBS was great, too. Really an extraordinary night that I will never forget!
  11. Happy Birthday Lee! Munich was great
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