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    Linkin Park shows: 11.06.2007 Zurich CH, Hallenstadion 01.06.2007 Nürburgring GER, Rock am Ring 18.01.2008 Basel CH, St. Jakobshalle 28.06.2008 Düsseldorf GER, LTU Arena 28.07.2009 Zurich CH Hallenstadion 30.07.2009 Stuttgart, Cannstatter Wasen 02.08.2009 Gräfenhainichen GER, Ferropolis 'Stadt aus Eisen' 20.10.2010 Berlin GER, 02 World 22.10.2010 Stuttgart GER, Schleyer-Halle 26.10.2010 Dortmund GER, Westfalenhalle 27.10.2010 Köln GER, Lanxess Arena 29.10.2010 Hamburg GER, O2 World 01.11.2010 Zürich CH, Hallenstadion 02.11.2010 Frankfurt GER, Festhalle 18.06.2011 Leipzig GER, Festwiese 19.06.2011 Oberursel GER, Hessentag 21.06.2011 Hamburg GER, O2 World 25.06.2011 München GER, Messegelände Riem 02.07.2011 St. Gallen CH, Open Air St. Gallen 14.06.2014 Derby GB, Download Festival 22.11.2014 Manchester GB, Phones4U Arena 23.11.2014 London GB, O2 Arena 24.11.2014 London GB, 02 Arena 03.07.2017 London GB, O2 Arena 04.07.2017 London GB, O2 Academy Dead by Sunrise shows: 23.02.2010 Zürich CH, Volkshaus 24.02.2010 München GER TonHalle 25.02.2010 Köln GER, E-Werk 27.02.2010 Berlin GER, Huxleys Neue Welt 28.02.2010 Hamburg GER, Docks Fort Minor 08.09.2015 London GB, Scala

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  1. That's cool, bummer I never look into twitter.
  2. OMG So not correct! It was (not 100% but 95% sure) The Requiem / Savio Speech Faint Papercut Lying From You Given Up New Divide Empty Spaces When They Come For Me No More Sorrow From The Inside Jornada Del Muerto Waiting For The End Numb The Radiance Breaking the Habit Wisdom Justice & Love Iridescent The Catalyst In The End What I've Done Crawling Bleed it out (APFMY Bridge) And yes, no Encore. Crowd was CRAZY!!! Pushing all the time, many people had to be dragged out. But all the people sang along, even with the new songs (in this matter, they were much better than Germany) and of cours jumping and stuff, so pretty cool. In the beginning (at least in the front rows) we couldn't hear LP at all, the crowd was much louder... so I guess some technical difficulties or bad preparation or even just a limitation by the organizers of the festival? After New Divide it was better, but still too quiet.
  3. You could apply to help out, this way you can get in for free, but you have to work a little bit. it's what I'm gonna do^^
  4. I think not, they have different passes, but I think they sell them later. At the moment probably just the Early Bird Tickets.
  5. Oh hell yeah!!! When Meteora was out was like "When Linkin Park will ever play at the OASG, it will be my first festival to go to". Well it was Rock Am Ring with Linkin Park but hell, this is a dream coming true, because IT'S WHERE I LIVE!!!! My roommates does the promotional videos for OASG, but he doesn't like Linkin Park, so I wonder if he'll do it this time.
  6. Same for me Mark, it was an honor to rock with you guys, and of course we can't forget the awesome BBQ after the show. Really hope we'll meet again. And exactely this is why I love LPLive, because before, I didn't know any real LP fan to talk to about the band. Now I'm in contact with over 50 people who I have met at LP and DBS shows and hung out with. Not only that, thanks to some people who I know through LPLive.net I had the chance to see the first DBS show in Germany, to tour with an awesome guy from Essex UK through Germany and even to listen to ATS in Hamburg before everyone else and meet Mike and Phoenix. I'm very thankful for that, to each person I have met but mostly to LPLive for making all this possible. And thanks to Ginger and Michalangelo but I don't even want to win xD
  7. Ahahaha okay, this is now the greatest story of my life, and it probably beats all the other ones here, because it's a story of destiny. It wouldn't be quite fair trying to win something,so just let me tell you the story. Summer 2009, before I got to know LPLive. After attending several Linkin Park shows I decided to go to 3 concerts next: Zurich, Stuttgart and Gräfenhainichen. In order to attend them, I had to stay at my friends' homes. Daniel is living near Stuttgart and he and his friends decided to go with me to the Stuttgart show - a perfect opprtunity. The night before, we were talking about the upcoming concert. I was disappointed then, because Dead By Sunrise weren't in Zurich and I wondered, if they would be in Stuttgart (because it was announced that they would be on tour with Linkin Park in Europe). My Friend told me he looked up on LPLive.net and they would be on stage the next day. Of course, I didn't pay much attention to the Website, rather about what he told me about the show. This was the first time I heard of this site. The next day we went to the show and had a blast. Back home I was planning the trip to Gräfenhainichen. It seemed to be cursed: My Friend in Berlin couldn't host me, I would have to go alone and the weather wouldn't be great either. I was about to cancel the plan when Daniel told me: You have to go, it's your destiny! (I had to laugh because it sounded so cheesy... if only I knew...) The next I was on my way to nowhere. I got up early, took a cab to the next train station and went to i don't know where exactely. So there I was, in a train in Frankfurt, all alone, hoping I would meet some people who are on the way to the show, when two guys passed me. One of them had a blue LPU shirt on, he saw that I wore the LPU8 shirt. I hesitated to say hi, until the guy nodded and greeted me. I replied, but they passed me. There was I alone again, but only for few minutes. The guys came back because there were no free seats left so they stood beside me and we talked about Linkin Park. They told me so many things that I was ashamed to call myself a fan. I asked them where they know everything and they gave me an answer that almost knocked me off my feet: They are running a site called LPLive.net. (It was AndOne and Hahninator) We had a great time at the show, I met Mark Fiore, Pooch, AnaPhx, MikeMichalangelo.... it was an unforgetabble evening. Knowing all those people kinda gave me the idea of an Meet and Greet before, so that no one would have to be at a show alone anymore - cause otherwise it would be just half the fun. That's when I decided to be a part of LPLive. It changed a lot in my life... I got so many opportunities thanks to this community... That's my story.
  8. There's nothing to Discuss xD Well in my opinion BITS is a great choice to be a single. Well It sounds a bit like What I've Done or New Divide but it is unqiue because Mike sings on it and the change of the rythm. In my opinion they should have added an accoustic guitar but it's still awesome. I fell in Love with this song the first time I heard it, at the prelistening Event. I imagined being on the train an as the landscape rush past me I'm listening to this song. So, I'm curious what the Video will be like. As someone already said, I hope It will contain more basics and less Computer Generated Images. Although Waiting for the End was kick ass. But it fits to the music, I think it wouldn't fit to BITS
  9. Your username: Jacrid Username of your nominee: Nameless Which prize they would receive: iPod Reason for nomination: Well, when I first heard that we're allowed to nominate someone, I was thinkin about Mark or Jonas cause we owe them a lot for this awesome website. But when I read that we can't nominate Staff members, it was an easy decision to make, cause I can't think of any better person to win this awesome price. Why Nameless? I gotta admit it has more personal reasons. He made it possible for me to meet Chester Bennington in 2009 and he's been a good friend ever since. But I also know that he does a good job at lplive.net and / or the italian Fansite... sometimes waiting until the late night to look out for news concerning Linkin Park. He's helpful wherever and whenever he can, and respectful to anyone who is respectful towards him. He has a good sense about what's right and what's wrong and he often puts other people before himself.. Why the iPod? Even though he's a mac user, he doesn't have an iPod or iPhone... isn't that odd? xD No, seriously. He's a collector, just like me, and he already got all the LPU CDs. And even though I'd like to have the iPod, I think he deserves it a hundred times more for his loyality towards Linkin Park, his awesome personality and engagement. Actually, I would even pass on the LPU CDs to make him get the iPod - that is how much he deserves it^^ There are probably others who deserve it too, but unfortunately I don't know them all. But I'm sure you guys will make the right decision.
  10. LoL fail indeed xD But maybe he means the noun, not the verb...
  11. I guess it was a Joke. I mean, LP is making the songs, so they already heard it a million times. It's a stupid question.
  12. Article on 20min "In an Interview with 20 Minutes, the cheerful guitarist Mike Shinoda speaks about WTF-Moments and melting faces. 20min: Today your new Album will be released. Do you still listen to your own record at this point? Mike Shinoda: No, for fear of that the Songs will leak on the Internet, the CD is guarded so well, that even we can’t listen to them. Only journalists have the honor (laugh). Have you listened to „A Thousand Suns?“ Yes, and I was surprised… You mean, you had WTH-moments. WTH-Moments? Yeah, „What the hell“-Moments. I had those many times in the Studio. We threw around the wildest ideas and often acted knowingly against our own instincts. And that’s why you sound more Pop than ever? Amongst other things. Besides, you can hear the Word „Love“ the first time ever on a Linkin-Park-Album. But it’s not like we sound totally different and do schmaltzy Polka anyway. The record has to be good after all. And our Polka-Arts are modest. You will play in Zürich Hallenstadion in November. Oh yes. This will be an experience for all senses. We will make faces melting. Only figuratively of course. No one has to be afraid of getting hurt. The new Linkin-Park-Album „A Thousand Suns“ hits stores today." Source What do you guys think about this?
  13. I was thinking about all this "I want the old LP sound back" thing. To those people: you want songs that sound like HT or Meteora tracks. The Problem is: for them it's only a few minutes... 3 or 4 minutes they enjoy. But for LP it's a whole lot of work. They listen to every song at least a thousand times and they play them another hundred times live... honestly, how would you feel if you had to do this? LP was bored of doing old stuff, so they did new stuff, and they have the right to do so. Accept it or just get out of here!
  14. @Astat: I don't know you... but I love you! And it's not because we have the same opinion, but because you find the right words to express what I think and feel. I quote LPjahova808: "Your posts are always filled with win." So all I can add to your post is: Amen!
  15. I truly do. @Jesper: Haha right... reminds me of the line in 'When they come for me': "Everybody wants the next thing to be like the first. And I'm not a robot, I'm not a monkey. I will not dance even if the beat is funky. Opposite of lazy, far from a punk ya'll oughta stop talking, start trying to catch up motherf****r!"
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