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Some DBS Release dates


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"Out Of Ashes":

[USA] 13th October.

[Japan] 30th September.

[Europe] 9th October.

[Vinyl LP USA] 27th October


"Fire" (Japan):

According to Warner Music Group Japan, Fire will be released on the 9th of September with the "Tajomaru" Soundtrack. They also said that it will be aired (on radio?) starting September 1st.

Japanese LPLivers, where are you?


"Crawl Back In" (Video):

Not officially confirmed, but dbs:brasil says that the video will be premiered on the 8th of September on DBS Myspace page.

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yeah, so DBS will lose billions of dollars cause the rip from myspace... c'mon guys, streaming only one song is one thing, streaming the whole cd is totally different.


I don't think is that bad. I mean, the album will probably leak even before Oct. 8th .. (If the album is being released on Sept 30th in Japan, I guess it'll be leaked the day after ;) )

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So we could get Fire tomorrow??? I really hope so, it's my favorite DBS song next to In The Darkness so far. I can't wait to just have the album.



this is an horror english translation, but it seems yes o.O


my cousin's uncle who know japanese translated it for me, and he confirmed that.

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no Australian release.... no idea when we will get it now. some places class us as Asian release, others give us the European release others just dump us with American release. Sigh why do we have to be in the middle of no where...

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