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Portimão Post Show Discussion

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Portugal 2009 - Setlist page HERE.


01. Session

02. Given Up

03. From The Inside

04. Somewhere I Belong

05. No More Sorrow

06. Lying From You

07. Points Of Authority (w/ Petrified verse 2 intro, A Place For My Head outro)

08. What I've Done

09. Leave Out All The Rest

10. Numb

11. Breaking The Habit

12. Shadow Of The Day

13. Hands Held High (Verse 1 A Cappella)

14. Crawling (w/ HHH Verse 2 intro over KRWLNG)

15. In The End

16. Bleed It Out


17. New Divide

18. Faint

19. One Step Closer

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Unfortunelly, I can´t go to this show :S

I went to Optimus Alive! 2007 and Rock In Rio 2008, but this year, it´s impossible for me to go.

I'm not 100% sure, but i think that the show will not be broadcasted.


Next year, I hope they come here again, and I will see them.

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