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How many LP songs on your iPod??


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i've got 0. my mp3 player (don't have an ipod) is currently full of nin. if you count Wish as lp-related (the original nine inch nails version) then i've got 1

I don't have an ipod either, it's just a mp3 player.


LP: 0


LP related: 3


Total: 73




But my mp3 player space isn't full, there is some big place left.

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I think you've got the wrong idea of game center here, buddy. Try putting this in the playground.

Itunes: 10,763

Ipod: 2,968

LP Related: 0


I don't know how many artists are unique or not but I'm assuming it's around the 300 - 400 mark

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I have an MP3 player


Linkin Park:all live 39 songs

Metallica:all live 59 songs

Green Day:all live 32 songs

The Offspring:all live 37 songs

Blink 182:all live 34 songs

System Of A Down:all live 22 songs

The Killers:all live 28 songs

Black Sabbath:all live 29 songs

and 72 favorite songs of all time


total songs 352

I'm also a huge fan of live music.

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Lp (inc videos and not inc live)- 595

Related- 158

Overall (inc vids)- 2089


It's a juicy 120gb with 'Ashley O'Neill' 'Linkin Park Underground' on the back :D


Mike mentioned on his blog one time, that he has around 11,000 songs on his iTunes and that doesn't include the stuff he only has on vinyl. Anyone have even close to that many?

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