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2018.10.10 - Montréal, Québec


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Time to get back in action. After a hugely successful - and fun! - tour throughout Europe and Asia this past summer, Mike Shinoda and co. have been on break for a month to gather their bearings. Now that they've had their break, it's time to get back on the road. Mike Shinoda's Post Traumatic Tour continues on Wednesday, October 10 in Montreal, Quebec - the first show of the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour.


Before we get into anything, let's get a little refresher as to what Mike was playing when the last leg of the tour ended. Mike's last leg of the tour was in Europe, ending with shows in Austria and Italy. The Italian show was at the Milano Rocks festival, where Mike opened for Thirty Seconds To Mars. The show featured a shortened set, but it was still packed with surprises, as almost every show on the tour was! Not only did 'Sorry For Now' get its festival set debut and LPL member Peppe Park joined Mike for 'Roads Untraveled' onstage, but the setlist opened with 'Remember The Name' for the first (and only, thus far) time on the tour! The night before in Wien, Austria was probably one of the most surprising nights of the tour, with a massive encore featuring the tour debut of the live version of 'Cigarettes,' 'It's Goin' Down,' and the return of 'Until It Breaks.' Mike also added 'In Stereo' into the set for the first time on the tour. This show also featured the first time 'Welcome' opened a set in quite some time, replacing 'Introduction' and 'Petrified' (which were meant to be played during the encore, but were dropped in favor of all the rarities).


Watch Mike and Matt perform 'Cigarettes' in Wien, Austria for the very first time on tour! They rehearsed the song a few days prior at a soundcheck in Sweden. The precedent for adding a song to the set seems to really just be a bit of rehearsal at soundcheck, so we are bound to see a bunch of surprises throughout the tour!


In other words, we haven't known what to expect from this tour on a day-to-day basis, and that certainly hasn't changed. Mike, Matt Harris, and Dan Mayo have been deep in rehearsals lately in preparation for the tour, and that could mean more surprises are on the way. Whether or not we see them appear on the first few dates of the tour is yet to be seen, but it certainly wouldn't be a shocker if we saw different songs pop up. Several songs off of Post Traumatic have yet to make their live debut: 'Nothing Makes Sense Anymore,' 'Brooding,' 'Promises I Can't Keep,' 'Lift Off,' 'World's On Fire,' and 'Can't Hear You Now.' Plus, 'Place To Start' has been absent from the setlists for quite awhile. It's likely we see at least ONE live debut on this tour, but the question is: which songs will come first, and which will bite the dust? If you asked us, 'Promises I Can't Keep' is probably the most likely to get its live debut first, and perhaps 'Brooding' will be used as an intro or transition. 'Lift Off' is another possibility, considering this tour coincides with Mike's performance at the Deftones' Dia De Los Deftones festival in November. What do you think?


On top of Post Traumatic songs, Mike had been adding random songs from throughout his discography randomly throughout the tour. On the European Tour alone, almost a dozen songs made their tour debuts: piano versions of 'Heavy,' 'Burn It Down,' 'Numb,' 'Wisdom, Justice, and Love,' and 'Iridescent' were all played at some point; 'Cigarettes,' 'It's Goin' Down,' 'Until It Breaks,' and 'In Stereo' all made debuts mid-tour, and Mike even threw in acapellas of 'A Place For My Head' and 'Cigarettes' at some shows. The point is that every show is something special, both in terms of emotion and setlists. You never know what to expect, and that's not likely to be any different on this tour. Awhile back, we conducted a survey across our social media to see what songs fans wanted to hear most, and several tracks have already been played. Big fan requests like 'No Roads Left' and 'High Voltage' have yet to be mentioned, but we know we'd love to see them. What songs do you want to see Mike play on this tour?


Mike first started playing piano versions of songs in Köln, Germany, starting with 'Heavy,' 'Burn It Down,' and 'Numb.' Plenty of songs can receive that treatment - what other songs would you like to see Mike tackle in this style?


Let's focus in on where the tour is starting, now. The Monster Energy Outbreak Tour kicks off in Montreal, and it's been a minute since Mike was last there. While he and Chester made the trip to Canada last year to do some promo for One More Light, Mike hasn't been in Quebec since 2015, when Linkin Park played in Montebello at the Amnesia Rockfest, the last show to feature his Solo Medley (which was replaced by 'Welcome' at following shows). Mike was last in Montreal the year before on the Carnivores Tour with Thirty Seconds To Mars (funny how that worked out, huh) in 2014. Linkin Park's very first show in Montreal was in 2003, on the Meteora World Tour, during Metallica's 'Summer Sanitarium' Tour, which featured tracks like 'P5hng Me A*wy' and 'Don't Stay.' They returned again in January of 2004, a show that featured the famous fan Sal on guitar during 'Faint.'


They returned 4 years later on the Minutes To Midnight North American Tour in 2008, where Mike performed a cover of The Cure's 'Just Like Heaven' for the last time ever, after doing it throughout the winter tours. The band also performed in Quebec last that year at the Festival d'Été de Québec, which featured a performance of the MTM Tour Version of 'Cure For The Itch.' Montreal was the first Canadian stop on the A Thousand Suns North American Tour in 2011, which was the last time until 2014 that the band performed there, as the band skipped the city during the Living Things Tour.


Here's a throwback for ya - watch Linkin Park's very first show in Montreal in 2003 on the Meteora World Tour!


Who's heading to the show? This will be Mike's longest tour yet, making 23 stops across Canada and the United States. The first two stops are the only shows in Canada, with the next show being in Toronto. Then, Mike hits North America with New York City and Philadelphia - I'll be at both, so if you'll be there, stay on the lookout! It's going to be a long tour, but we know Mike will keep things interested, so stay tuned for our coverage of every show!


We'll be keeping you updated on everything that happens at this show, so be be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates, and join the LPLive Discord for discussion with fans around the world (a couple members from the Discord will be at this show - be sure to say hi)! We just launched the new LPLive Archive YouTube Channel that is loaded with hours of rare content from the Linkin Park world, and we'll also be uploading videos from the Post Traumatic Tour there, too. Be sure to subscribe!


Check out the rest of Mike Shinoda's touring schedule here.

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I hope he'll play as many of the PT songs as possible, especially Promises I Can't Keep and Can't Hear You Now.
And I'd really like to see him give No Roads Left another try. His singing has improved greatly and I think he has the self-confidence to do it now.

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Set attached. During the meet and greet high voltage was requested, he did a tease of it over the SFN bridge.


We had a vote for either heavy piano version or cigarettes and heavy won by a wide margin. It was Heavy ->ITE->Numb piano version into the About you etc mashup.


Cant hear you now sadly was not played, it was hold it together. Maybe someone got them confused.


There were a couple of issues with Mikes guitar, especially during Crossing a Line. He joked saying first show of the tour, guys!.


WAIF sadly not played. My favourite Post Traumatic song :(


The same LPU folk chanted for high voltage throughout the show at times, Mike acknowledged us and laughted, shook his head and said no, we cant even do that one now! When he said cant he kind of signaled to the gear, so maybe whatever prep he needed to do to have the song (maybe the raid remix) wasnt done.


Anyways, I had a blast. Shoutout to the stage right 4-5 LPU folks who Mike counted on to sing I.O.U cause most of the crowd didnt know the words and we did. Shout out to you folks at LPLive as well and thank you for everything you do. We had a flashmob after in the end with signs that said we are the LP Family. Just having a few Jack Daniels beverages right now, typing this up, feeling grateful for what I have. Thank you.


Flying back in to Toronto tomorrow and catching the show there. Will update if the set is any different!


EDIT: Just noticed it said High Road. That was definitely not played either. Kenji was in this slot.

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This is why I hate when LPL tries to do live setlist updates when someone representing the site isn't at the show. The entire community is blowing up about the Can't Hear You Now debut, and it didn't even happen. And there will probably be people who think it did forever no matter how much effort is made to correct the info.

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This is why I hate when LPL tries to do live setlist updates when someone representing the site isn't at the show. The entire community is blowing up about the Can't Hear You Now debut, and it didn't even happen. And there will probably be people who think it did forever no matter how much effort is made to correct the info.

Today I'll be going so I hope I can do some coverage for you guys :)

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So, I don't know what's going on. No 'High Voltage.' No 'Cigarettes'/'Heavy' choice. What do I believe anymore? :P

High voltage was not done. He definitely asked if the crowd wanted Cigarettes or Heavy and mentioned this is for 'later on in the show, not now'. Before heavy he said "I believe you guys requested something".


Didn't watch the video yet, so not sure if pieces are missing or what. Will take a look after when I can.



EDIT: You can see the vote 24 minutes into the video.

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