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  1. TIAVO will be the opening act for Munich and Ludwigsburg. Still no news about Zurich though. 😕
  2. I could write a reply in Newswire 10 hours ago, but now the button disappeared for me too.
  3. Welcome back, LPLive! Thank you for covering the tour for everyone who can't be there in person. I was at the amazing show in Köln last year and that piano medley was so emotional. Didn't expect Mike to play my favourite LP song Numb at all! Would be great if he continues to do something like that on this tour. Maybe even add Final Masquerade? Don Broco were opening in Köln too and I agree: They are a great and energetic band. I'll be at the show in Zurich this time, since that's only about 30 minutes from my home. (Unfortunately I can't afford travelling to the other shows.) I'd love to hear any Post Traumatic song live, but Can't Hear You Now would be especially awesome. It's helping me cope with my depression a lot. Of course No Roads Left would be amazing too, but it's rather unlikely. But then again, it's Mike so anything is possible! Looking forward to seeing some of you at the show! 😀
  4. I'm so excited he's coming to tiny little Switzerland! Didn't expect that. xD Zürich is like 20 minutes from my home. So I'll drag all my friends along. This will be awesome!
  5. This is so awesome. You forgot something though: They also did this with Talking To Myself.
  6. 1. One More Light 10/10 (The saddest song of all time besides Looking For An Answer. Always makes me cry.) 2. Talking To Myself 10/10 (The first LP song I ever heard live. Given its topic it's such a tragedy the video was released on 20. July 2017) 3. Nobody Can Save Me 9/10 (Some of the best lyrics in any LP song.) 4. Sharp Edges 9/10 (The final album track with Chester on it feels like a farewell and a lesson for life.) 5. Battle Symphony 9/10 (The only OML song that's really uplifting for me.) 6. Sorry For Now 8/10 (Love the role reversal: Mike singing & Chester rapping.) 7. Heavy 8/10 (An important song about a difficult topic. It makes me sad that it got so much hate.) 8. Invisible 7/10 (Beautiful song for Mike's kids. Gets a bit boring and repetitive for me though.) 9. Halfway Right 6/10 (The only OML song that was never played live - such a pity.) 10. Good Goodbye 5/10 (I don't like the verses of the guest rappers at all. With Mike only live the song is a lot of fun!)
  7. I hope he'll play as many of the PT songs as possible, especially Promises I Can't Keep and Can't Hear You Now. And I'd really like to see him give No Roads Left another try. His singing has improved greatly and I think he has the self-confidence to do it now.
  8. I love the story (that plot twist!) and the look of this video. It fits the song very well. And the whole puzzle thing was a very clever way to promote it. I think I.O.U. is probably going to be the next video since Mike played the song on tour and seems to love it. Maybe it even includes live footage?
  9. Nice ranking, I kinda expected something like this. It's sad though that the singles get so little love. My ranking looks like this: 1. Watching As I Fall 2. Promises I Can't Keep 3. Nothing Makes Sense Anymore 4. Can't Hear You Now 5. Crossing A Line 6. Over Again 7. Ghosts 8. Running From My Shadow 9. Make It Up As I Go 10. Hold It Together 11. World's On Fire 12. Place To Start 13. Brooding 14. Lift Off 15. About You 16. I.O.U. No. 1-10 are all pretty close together. I love these songs and listen to them a lot. For the other six, I have to be in the right mood.
  10. I love all the remaining songs equally, so I can't decide. But I'm curious to see what the ranking will look like in the end.
  11. I'm glad I was expecting shows in middle Europe in late August/early September, so I could plan my holidays accordingly. xD I hope I can get tickets! My sister and me will be driving for over 5 hours to get to Cologne, but it's worth it.
  12. I'm so excited for his shows! I really hope both will be livestreamed, even if that means I have to stay up all night. xD Also it's so great to see all the support of the LP family. I'm sure this is not easy for Mike but it's the start of something new.
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