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2017.03.24 - Amsterdam, NL - Up Close w/ Chester & Mike

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The promo cycle continues! Linkin Park are starting promo across Europe this week, beginning in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for an intimate event with Chester and Mike.


Mike and Chester will be at the Melkweg today, March 24, in Amsterdam at 3:00PM. The event is dubbed "Up Close with Chester and Mike from Linkin Park: One More Light," so we're expecting a few things. First and foremost, it seems like this event will largely be some form of Q&A session. The event was open only to contest winners who filled out a forum, and one of the criteria was a question for Mike and Chester to answer.


There's more than just that, though. A similar event going on in Paris, France next week promises an intimate acoustic session mixed with a Q&A, so we can definitely assume that a couple songs will be performed at this event! Linkin Park are gearing up to start playing a few more stripped down versions of songs, as we've seen in the last few promo appearances. There's quite a few songs they can choose from when considering what song's they've already played: 'Crawling,' 'Burn It Down,' and 'Heavy' which all debuted at the Facebook Live event, and even new songs from One More Light including 'Talking To Myself' and 'One More Light,' clips of which we have seen from the Warner Bros Records Party. There are likely plenty more songs that Mike and Chester could play in this fashion, but we'll have to wait and see what they are.


What to expect: Mike and Chester played this piano version of 'Heavy' last week while doing promo in Toronto, Canada. Since it's just them two, it's pretty likely that any songs they perform will be piano versions just like this one. What songs that haven't already been played in this way would you want to see? A slow track like 'My December,' or perhaps a ballad version of 'A Place For My Head'? Don't say the latter. It was a joke.

EDIT: It appears that a livestream will be taking place tomorrow at 4:00PM CET, around the time when event will be starting. It seems possible that the livestream may be of this performance. In any case, the band will go live from their Facebook page - here's a countdown so you don't miss it (and check your timezones here). Whether or not it is an independent event or the same one, check back here for updates.

This string of European promo performances precede the band's big performance at the ECHO Awards in Berlin, Germany on April 6. Next Monday, March 27, Mike and Chester will be doing an event just like this one in Paris. All of these performances are still about a week and a half away from when the band will perform at the award show, and it feels pretty weird for the band to be showing up in multiple countries now instead of closer to the date of the ECHO Awards. We can definitely expect some more promo performances around Europe, perhaps in England, Spain, and so on in the coming weeks. Maybe even some sort of secret club show will happen and we'll see the band's first full show on stage since 2015! Anything is possible at this point.


Who's going to the show? We've already secured a couple of fans via Twitter and Facebook who will keep us updated, so if you want to contribute and help us get info about the show, be sure to follow us there and message us when you can! Make sure to stay here so that you don't miss any info about the show.


Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2017 touring schedule here.

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I have a super hard time understanding the European time zones. The British Summer Time or whatever throws a big twist in it lol

C'mon Mark!! That is so easy :P London and Portugal is 5 hours away from the east coast and the most of Europe 6 hours and easter europe except Russia are 7 hours^^

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