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Linkin Park returning to Chile


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It's been seven years and finally Linkin Park is confirmed to return to Chile in May 2017! The last show by the band in Chile was during the A Thousand Suns World Tour at the Maquinaria Festival - to date, this was their only show in the country.


Linkin Park will play Santiago's Movistar Arena on May 9th, 2017 with Rise Against!


Who is going? With shows in Argentina, Peru, Chile, and Brazil, this should fill out the full South American Tour for Linkin Park. This will be the most countries they have ever played in the band's career in South America on one tour.

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Yep Rise Against. "Chile - We are coming back to Santiago on May 9th, 2017 at the Movistar Arena with special guest Rise Against." Pretty cool, they were great at the two 2015 shows I saw.


I think that's it for South America. One week and four shows.

Yep, that's it for SA. I do not think that they will visit countries like Colombia or so. With South America in May, Europe in June/July, I think they will tour in US in August till September and maybe Austrailia or Asia somewhere in fall.

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What an amazing tour! 4 shows in 4 different countries! For the second time we can say Linkin Park will be touring in South America.


2004: one show in Brazil

2010: one show in Brazil, Argentina and Chile

2012: four shows in Brazil and one in Argentina

2014: two shows in Brazil

2016: one show in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru


Something we sould have a look is the sale numbers. We will have a sould out concert in Peru and the "half-price tickets" (dedicated to students and professors) in Brazil are already sould out in this first wave after 2 hours of sales. After this numbers, I think we can say that we'll have a South American Tour every tour cycle.


For me the worst thing about this tour is the fact that Brazil will have only one concert. It's a huge country and it is one of the biggest fan base in the world. I hate the clause of exclusivity used by the Brazilian festivals that does not allow the band to play in another state of the country in the same year.


Well, let's rock South America!

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I just came back to say... woooooooohoooooooo :). I'll be going, hopefully I'll leave a couple of live updates.


it's been a long wait to see them here again, and its awesome that finally they'll headline their own show here. :P my wait was a tad bit shorter just because I went to argentina 2012, but there's no place like home :P

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No more SA dates? I hoped for more suprises, like Colombia, Venezuela or even Ecuador, but sadly isn't the case. Now likely they will focus on all of those cancelled US shows, Asia, Africa (who knows) and Australia/New Zeland.

Do you even know what is Venezuela's economic situation?

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Wait, did I read this correctly? They have Rise Against as their Special Guest?? Thats weird..

Why is that weird?


They "went on tour" together in the US.


If anything I'd be surprised that Rise Against would want to play with LP again after what happened, but that means Rise Against is understanding of the situation.


As they are both two of my top 5 favorite bands of all time, I would argue they definitely fit together musically and share a lot of common fans.

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