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Kings of Chaos - Winter Tour 2016


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It's been awhile, hasn't it? Linkin Park won't be touring for another few months, but let's get back into the pre-show (or in this case, pre-tour) post groove now, shall we?




Chester recently joined the supergroup Kings Of Chaos, and they're embarking on their first tour with him! Through the month of December, Kings Of Chaos will be hitting several stops in the United States. The tour kicks off tomorrow for three shows in Las Vegas, Nevada and returns later in the month for some shows across the east coast.


Kings Of Chaos is still a relatively new group, forming with a different lineup a few years back, but consider them the new Camp Freddy, except with a few core members. The group currently consists of Chester, Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour, Robert DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots, Matt Sorum of Velvet Revolver, Billy Duffy of The Cult, Billy Gibbons, and Steve Stevens, with special guest Franky Perez joining them, as well. It seems that Corey Taylor will be replaced by Cheap Trick's Rob Zander for the east coast dates. That's a pretty massive lineup.


Chester is already in Las Vegas, and you can see him in an interview with the group here. Also, Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit posted a picture last night with Chester....perhaps he will be a special guest with the group now that Limp Bizkit's Mexico Tour has been canceled.


We're not exactly sure as to which songs they'll be playing, but we can expect a wide area of hits from all of these artists' careers. Chester performed with similar groups - Royal Machines and The Hellcat Saints - several times this year, singing plenty of covers: 'Vasoline' by Stone Temple Pilots, 'Whole Lotta Love' by Led Zeppelin, 'Paradise City' by Guns N' Roses, just to name a few. Chester's shown that his voice really suits these classic rock tunes (especially STP, considering he fronted them for a good three years). It's pretty safe to say one or two of these tracks will be played, as well as a couple more songs we can see on one of the promotional posters: Stone Temple Pilots' 'Plush' and Guns N' Roses' 'You Could Be Mine', for example.


Check out Chester performing Jane's Addiction's 'Mountain Song' with The Hellcat Saints in November at the Rhonda's Kiss 2nd Annual Benefit.

Who's excited for the tour? Is anyone hitting any stops on it? As mentioned before, the band will hit three nights in a row (December 1 - 3) at Las Vegas' House Of Blues. In a few weeks, the band will fly to the east coast, hitting Montclair, New Jersey on December 17, Huntington, New York on December 18, Boston, Massachusetts on December 20, New York, New York on December 21, and ending it off on December 22 in Verona, New York. If you're interested, don't miss out! See our boy Chester in action before Linkin Park comes back in a big way in 2017.


We'll keep you updated on the setlists for this tour, so stay tuned to see what songs Chester performs. Will we see the band perform any Linkin Park songs? Tell us below what songs you think Chester will sing with Kings Of Chaos. Follow our Twitter and like our Facebook page to make sure you don't miss out on any updates!


Check out all of Chester's solo appearances over the years here.

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Show 1 setlist:


01. Vasoline (STP) (w/ Chester)
02. White Wedding (Billy Idol) (w/ Chester)
03. Fire Woman (The Cult) (w/ Chester)
04. Sex Type Thing (STP) (w/ Corey Taylor)
05. Slither (Velvet Revolver) (w/ Corey Taylor)
06. Wildflower (Skylark) (w/ Corey Taylor)
06. Waitin' For The Bus (ZZ Top) (w/ Billy Gibbons)
07. Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top) (w/ Billy Gibbons)
08. Tush (ZZ Top) (w/ Billy Gibbons and Corey Taylor)
09. Through Glass (Stone Sour) (Corey Taylor solo acoustic)
10. Steve Stevens Solo (?)
11. Edie (Ciao Baby) (The Cult) (w/ Chester)
12. Interstate Love Song (STP) (w/ Chester)
13. Jesus Left Chicago (ZZ Top) (w/ Billy Gibbons)
14. Ace Of Spades (Motörhead) (w/ Matt Sorum)
15. Sanctuary (Iron Maiden) (w/ Chester)
16. Rebel Yell (Billy Idol) (w/ Corey Taylor)
17. Love Removal (The Cult) (w/ Corey Taylor)
18. Tube Snake Boogie (ZZ Top) (w/ Billy Gibbons)
19. La Grange (ZZ Top) (w/ Billy Gibbons)
20. Going Down (Freddie King) (w/ Chester, Billy Gibbons, Corey Taylor, and Franky Perez)
21. Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers (ZZ Top) (w/ Chester, Billy Gibbons, and Corey Taylor)
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Never been a fan of classic rock or rock music like this in general but I think the show will be cool. I like seeing music that I'm not too keen on in a live setting, it makes for a cool experience. I don't know a lot of these songs but I do know some, simply because they're such big classics that you can't not know them.

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I fucking love this project Chester nailed every fucking song and the line up is fucking amazing


Geki don't watch the full show video you don't a spoiler, it's cool to see Corey doing backup vocals for Chester.


I always like to see what shows that I go to are offering. Seems like it's having trouble playing for me. Anybody have an MP3 rip?

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Thanks, but it was already posted a few posts above yours.


Correcton to the setlist: Sanctuary by Iron Maiden wasn't played, apparently it was mistaken for She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult, which was played at the show

Yes, I guess Mark took that setlist from this picture posted on Instagram, hence the mistake:




Also, notice it doesn't have Corey listed on "Interstate Love Song", so his participation was likely improvised on the spot.


Did you guys listen to that Edie (Ciao Baby)? WOW

Yep, I'm getting a kick out of Chester's version!

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