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Chester and Joe perform in Shanghai on June 30th

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In the band's most recent experience with Mercedes, they flew Chester and Joe to Shanghai, China where they performed two songs at the Shanghai International Circuit. The band also designed a new Mercedes-AMG racing car.

"Mercedes-AMG is the new key visual partner for the highlight of the Blancpain GT Series and Intercontinental GT Challenge, the 2016 Total 24 Hours of Spa. The dynamic new graphics show one of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 debuting at Spa and storming up the challenging Raidillon corner, with spectacular fireworks in the background. Attentive viewers will see that the silver-and-red Mercedes-AMG sports the name of Linkin Park on the sides of the car. As Linkin Park are real Mercedes-AMG and racing enthusiasts, they came up with the idea to design one of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 which will be run at the 2016 Total 24 Hours of Spa end of July. #blancpaingt #spa24h #mercedesamg "


This was the first "performance" of 2016. Mercedes has been a big sponsor/partner of the band in the past year - as you know, Mercedes sponsored the China Tour for The Hunting Party in 2015. Earlier this year, Mike, Phoenix and Joe went to the AMG Driving Academy in Sweden to meet with Mercedes. On May 18, Chester and Phoenix went to Vancouver, Canada to meet with Mercedes-Benz. And on May 27, a series of videos were posted on Linkin Park's Snapchat account following Joe around Los Angeles while driving a new Mercedes for the AMG Driving Performance Magazine.

01. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent (Ballad Medley)
02. Burn It Down



Thank you to our friends at LinkinParkCN for alerting us to this performance!

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Well they are off until November at least, as of right now. Maybe that changes, I hope it does. I also wouldn't be surprised to see more of these sponsorship performances, maybe Mike and Chester at one. It wouldn't be shocking if several band members returned to China this year too.


By the way, that is a live version of Burn It Down (with Mike live vocals) they are using as the backing track. Looks quite odd seeing Chester singing alone on a stage to BID and the production is just exploding.


The most recent thing I have heard is the album touring cycle start (possible album release too) is March 2017.

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Did any other act play at the show? Feels weird to fly them out just for two wongs. You would think they would at least get around 4 if they were the only act.


Still cool though!

Sorry I just found that typo pretty funny since they were performing in Shanghai.

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I don't think I've ever heard Chester's voice sound that bad when he isn't sick. Really rough performance, Joe messed the intro up, Chester forgot the lyrics to BID, there seems to be even problems in the playback version of BID whichever show it's from.

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half of the audience staring at their phones :angry:


Translation: Because the vast majority of are them racing fans instead of LP fans.

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Why would he not just play Messenger acoustic? or Morning After or some random song? Could even be a cover.

Beijing video:


"I don't even know what song this is
Ok, you guys all ready to sing with me?
We're going to make up the words, because I don't know what I'm doing
Everybody say hello
Say goodbye
Performing on the streets of Beijing
(? ...live music), I'll do it anyway
This gentlemen over here is a lot better at playing the guitar than I am
That's alright
This is why I have the professionals play the music on the stage
and I just walk around and look at you
and sometimes sing too
Thank you very much Beijing"
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