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Clip of new Linkin Park music


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I highly doubt they'd reveal music from the new album this way. They recently released an LPTV teaser that had no new music in it, obviously not revealing anything and just a few days later Mike releases 2 clips online. That doesn't make any sense to me since they are always very careful about these things. They don't want the fans to make up their minds about an album this way, we speculate enough what they say in interviews what it is going to sound like.

I think it's the Lonely Island song, if they teased that they have nothing to lose.


For a movie like that I don't think we are getting a traditional LP song, it's a movie that mocks the pop music industry so I don't expect the song to be 100% serious either.

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Last night he had some more snapchats from the studio, but it was just him messing with some engineers. There was one point where he scrolled past a board of song titles but only showed the column that had what musical keys they were in. One song said the word "symphony" but that was the only thing that was legible.

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This is what it said:


...phony 149 A#maj*

??? 115 Gmin

..ME 140 C#maj* (Nobody Can Save Me?)

...taint 124 Dmin

??? 115 Bmaj/G#min

...bye 128 Amin*

...side The Control Room

...gh 79(86?) Bbmin

...wrong 130 Gmin*

...there 120 Ebmin

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