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LPU15 8th Track - GRUDGEMATCH (2009 Demo)


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No problem. hopefully the upcoming release will be full songs.

I really doubt they have too many more "full songs". Most of the stuff with vocals that are left will probably be closer to this, TooLeGit, Asbestos, Debris etc.


I hope we get some demos of songs that made albums in the upcoming months (namely Mike's take of Final Masquerade).


This is really good. Definitely has that WAK/WTCFM vibe. Almost wish this had been developed a little further, but I can kind of see why they ditched it.

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Epic as fuck, filthy just like I envisioned it when I heard Grudge(match).


Lyrics, some wrong, some incomplete:

And it goes like
And they're off and running
Looking around like
'Someone do something'
Scatter but it don't matter
I come fronting
So little time to squeeze all this fun in

Aw man, coming at you now
Stupid enough to stand, will back you down
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, what, no, it can't be stopped
I got you ... calling the cops
Call a S.W.A.T. team, give me all you've got
The finger ready on the trigger
And we call it a shot

on the block
And what I send back, we put a hole in the shot
No, ha, we don't huff and puff
... your gust to dust
But our...
They act like enough's enough
The same peep that I promise will fuck you up
Skip the left? for the sake of my family
I don't have to say a word, y'all understand me
Stand up, I'll put your back down flat
And we keep it like, like, like that

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That double bass pedaling! I love the beat, I wonder if the drums were recorded.

Sampled. Prior to The Hunting Party, the last time Rob had ever used a double bass pedal was during the pre-Xero days, possibly with Relative Degree.

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