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Fort Minor: 2015.08.26 - Copenhagen, Denmark

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F0rt M!n0r /roboticwomanvoice

Welcome everyone, recognise me? No?! No-one asking me "Where'd You Go?" - Well, I guess I didn't give you 100% reason to Remember The Name when I took the High Road... Anyway, Right Now, I'm about to give you a preshow post for the first of four Fort Minor shows in Europe this tour: Copenhagen, Denmark.

So it's time to kick off the 3-date Fort Minor side-tour, featuring the humble Mike Shinoda to promote his new single Welcome, and to give something back to the fans. The first show is on the 26th in Copenhagen, Denmark. The other three shows are both in Germany: Berlin on 2nd September, Dusseldorf on 5th September for Rock Im Sektor, of which Linkin Park are also playing that day too. What's interesting about this is that when FM played at Summer Sonic 2006, Mike swore he would never do a Fort Minor show and a Linkin Park show on the same day again. I guess he evolved, like Charmander. The final show is the newly added London date, which I didn't think would happen, which prompted me to book flights and a hotel to another country...

So, what are people's expectations of the set? Will we see the same set as LA, or will Mike throw in some surprises? New FM songs? Any live debuts tonight? Will Mike rap any verses over other tracks, like he once did over 75 Bars by The Roots, with a verse from I Have Not Begun? Or maybe rap a verse of Ryu or Tak like in Believe Me in LA? Any oldies, like Red To Black? It's no doubt that in 10 years Shinoda's singing voice has become stronger and sweeter, and to hear him singing on something like Red To Black is something I'd personally be very interested to hear.

Mike has included a number of Linkin Park songs or verse in the set, including Waiting For The End, Hands Held High, Castle of Glass, Until It Breaks, and When They Come For Me? Can we expect more of this? Or can we expect it vice versa, maybe scrapping Castle of Glass Experience Version for Castle of Glass/Kenji mashup. I prefer to label it Castle of Kenji...

Let's talk about the venue! It has a floor, and a stage. So what, big whoop, wanna fight about it? I've personally attended this venue whilst working for Julien-K at [this show] - it's quite a nicely sized venue but with a hella-tiny stage. I have actually seen very little interaction as to who is attending the show, so I'm very curious to see how packed out the venue is. This could be really intimate!

This will be my first time seeing Fort Minor in nearly 10 years! I caught them in November 2005 in London, Mean Fiddler which has sadly been closed and demolished, where many songs got their debut. Maybe I can bring some of the same luck to Denmark, huh guys?
I do intend to let everyone know the set after the show, but I unfortunately would rather be front row dripping with sweat than stuck on Twitter I'm afraid!


Don't forget to sign our DSP petition, where we are currently trying to get Linkin Park to release older shows. The band has a lot of recorded shows from 2001-2006 as well as 2013-2015...they still record every show they play, and we want them to know fans are requesting them. Being able to relive your concert over-and-over again is priceless...if you agree, sign the campaign here and spread the word!

For the 2015 Linkin Park tour schedule and setlists, click here. For the Fort Minor tour page and upcoming dates, click here.

I'm about to Slip Out The Back. So, if you're there, don't be Petrified, come say hi! Spare a Dolla and grab a beer with me, just keep in mind I do not smoke Cigarettes (I'm asthmatic). Everyone else, Cover and Duck, 'cause we about to erupt!

And I apologise, I know these puns are just terrible, Believe Me. Much love.


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These puns... I applaud you, sir.


I wonder what Mike will do at this show. Its easily possible that he could play what he did in June but he can easily do something new. We'll have to wait and see. Have fun at the show! :)

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I'm new here so: Hey everyone!! :)


The FM shows will be very intimate (as Mike himself has said a few times already) and there will definitely be a very different atmosphere than a big LP stadium show. I think Mike has the freedom to do pretty much whatever he wants, maybe even improvising in the middle of the set, which makes it even more exciting!


I'm attending the Berlin show and I can't wait for the day to come! B )

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I think Mike will stick to the same stuff for the FM show with zero changes. He obviously worked hard on the remixes and different versions of all the songs....that's a ton of stuff for him. It's only been done once so far so I bet he keeps it for Europe. Maybe drop a few songs for Rock im Sektor but that's it. He also said the only way to see these exclusive songs/remixes is to come to the FM shows, meaning he's likely not changing anything.

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Maybe drop a few songs for Rock im Sektor but that's it.

I would say that FM will play that setlist at Rock im Sektor because FM will only play 30 minutes:


01. Introduction

02. Petrified

03. In Stereo

04. It's Going Down

05. Cigarettes

06. Until It Breaks

07. Where'd You Go

08. High Road

09. Believe Me

10. Welcome

11. Remember The Name

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I wonder, since FM and LP are both playing Rock Im Sektor, will Mike drop RTN and Welcome from the LP set?


That's what I think! FM only has a time slot of 30mins, and I really don't think they would come up with something new in the LP set to replace RTN and Welcome.


The Rock im Sektor show for FM feels kinda forced!! What kind of a performance only takes 30mins?? :-/

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So far:



In Stereo

It's Going Down


Waiting for the End / Hands Held High

Castle of Glass


Devil's Drop


Until It Breaks

Where'd You Go
High Road
Believe Me
Remember The Name

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