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2014.10.03 - Mobile, AL, Bayfest


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Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington are back on the road for a short three-show tour in the deep south. The band will be performing outside of the U.S. Post Office in Mobile, Alabama to perform for the Bayfest.


The band has been on a break from touring, having only played two shows throughout the entire year while Linkin Park recorded their new album, The Hunting Party and the subsequent tours. The band was forced to cancel their entire International Tour slated for earlier this throughout Australia and Asia due to Chester needing to be in studio for the recording of the new Linkin Park record. The band performed in Los Angeles in April for the DomainFest Private Party and in July for the 94.5 Bud Light Weenie Roast in Texas.


At their most recent show in Texas, the band performed "Crackerman" for the first time with Chester. Check out this awesome performance of it! Do you think we'll see any Chester Debuts on this short tour?

Who's heading to the show? The band will be performing alongside AFI (with whom Linkin Park toured with on the Carnivores Tour over the summer) and Pop Evil. After the show, STPWCB will head to Louisville, Kentucky for the Louder For Life festival and a headlining show in Birmingham. After that, they take a break for the rest of the month due to a Linkin Park tour in Brazil and a few one off shows, then return on Halloween night for a show in Connecticut. Follow us on Twitter @LiveSTP for updates on the show or check back here for updates!



01. Sex Type Thing

02. Sin (First Time w/ Chester)

03. Vasoline

04. Wicked Garden

05. Big Bang Baby

06. Crackerman

07. Out Of Time

08. Big Empty

09. Plush (First Time w/ Chester; 2014 Version)

10. Interstate Love Song

11. Black Heart

12. Hollywood Bitch

13. Heaven and Hot Rods (First Time w/ Chester)

14. Silvergun Superman

15. Down

16. Dead and Bloated

17. Meatplow

18. Piece Of Pie

19. Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart


Check out the rest of Stone Temple Pilot's touring schedule here.

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I'm going to the Connecticut show on Halloween, can't wait.


EDIT: Robert DeLeo just tweeted a little while ago that they are ''adding some new ones'' tonight. Wonder what they will be. I hope 'Plush'.

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Really hoping they add at least one more song off of High Rise...wasn't Tomorrow supposed to be released as a third single at some point? Wonder what happened to that.

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Yeah, might as well play all of High Rise, since it's very unlikely that they have a new song off this postponed album to play. Play high Rise, Interstate, Big Empty, D&B, Crackerman, Creep, Pretty Penny, Vasoline, Trippin', Plush, and Between the Lines. That leaves room for anything else. Perfect.

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I'd like to see them add a song from their self titled 2010 album, actually. I find it weird that they haven't played anything from that album yet with Chester. It actually did pretty well for an album coming out in this decade, because we all know how sales are nowadays.

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Wow Plush.

I think they did a few others too...Robert posted on Twitter that they were rehearsing a few different songs to play that were new to the set. I messed up on this one with the setlist...messaged our STP crew friend a little too late on this one I think. I'll try to get today's setlist and Bham's setlist quickly. Maybe we can get this one from somewhere.

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Can't tell anything about an encore break, but the following note from the show page should be corrected a little:

- A new version of 'Plush' was performed, featuring a stripped down beginning with only guitar and vocals and transitioned into the full band version.

The song switched to full band arrangement and back again a few times during the song. The full band parts are very brief. We should find a clever name for this version. Haha

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