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2014 Live Poll: What songs do you want to see added to the setlists?


What songs do you want to see on the Carnivores Tour?  

158 members have voted

  1. 1. What songs do you want to see added to the setlists?

    • A Place For My Head
    • By Myself
    • Forgotten
    • Pushing Me Away
    • From The Inside
    • Don't Stay
    • Breaking The Habit
    • Lying From You
    • Somewhere I Belong
    • No More Sorrow
    • When They Come For Me
    • The Catalyst
    • Victimized (w/ QWERTY)
    • In My Remains
    • A Light That Never Comes

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The Carnivores Tour is underway, and there's a few setlists coming up. Here's a poll that has songs that LP has played relatively recently, and songs they could easily play on the Carnivores Tour! What songs would you like to see the band play?




We held a similar poll back in 2013, check out the results here! What songs do YOU want to hear on the Carnivores Tour?!

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Apfmh, qwerty, by myself, forgotten,pma, fti, sib

Lfy and bth would sound horrible live

Can't think of the last time when bth was performed live well.

Maybe other songs like figure 09 in pieces or wake

Or reading my eyes would be lovely to see :3



They seriously gotta change the current setlist from start to finish

Remove crawling with you new divide. Poa also sounds average now. Runaway is like "lolwut"

Numb and in the end, i mean seriously?! :P


A great replacement would be

Figure09 forgotten, by myself, pushing me away and somewhere i belong in place of all these

And more living things sobgs like powerless, roads untraveled

Why aren't they in the options?! :P

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APFMH, NMS, WTCFM, Victimzed/QWERTY. There some of my absolute favourites and coincidently all kickass live. All have intense energy, heavy and visceral enough for THP tour especially.


Dammit LP. Drop Burn it down, the balad medley, already and play these instead :lol:


I'd even be ok if they dropped songs like Given Up and Points of authority. I love them too, but if feel they've had a good run so far.

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LP needs to stop playing Numb with Numb/Encore. The transition to verse one isn't smooth and the ending is dumb, just repeating the intro over again. It should be the ending of Numb/Encore with Mike singing "Can I get an encore do you want more." Then "One last time I need y'all to roar, one last time I need y'all to roar." followed by the same outro melody from Collision Course.

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Breaking The Habit, A Place For My Head, The Catalyst and When They Come For Me :) NMS is ok too (they could play it instead of Given Up, rotating this 2 songs). They could drop Runaway and New Divide (or at least rotate it with other songs). Actually I don't really want them to drop any other song they're currently playing, I love all of them, I just want more rotation. Play 3 setlist with 3 or 4 different songs from one to another and you can make everyone happy.

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