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LPU Worldwide Listening Parties


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The LP Underground has announced worldwide listening parties for The Hunting Party!


"LPU HQ and WBR have teamed up to bring you exclusive THE HUNTING PARTY listening sessions in these cities below on June 4th, 2014:"
Mexico City - Details
Brussels - Details
Oslo - Details
Prague - Details
Kuala Lumpur - Details
Johannesburg - Details
Madrid @ California Bear - Details
Budapest - Details
Berlin - Details
NYC - Details Coming Soon
LA - Details Coming Soon
Other cities were attempted (like Sydney) but could not be scheduled at this time. These are the eleven final locations! Linkin Park has no show scheduled for June 4th, so we wouldn't put it past them to show up at one in Europe...but nothing is guaranteed of course - that's purely speculation.
Who will be attending?
EDIT: Kerrang! has a contest for a listening party in London on June 3rd:

"On Tuesday 3rd June there will be an intimate and exclusive playback of the brand new Linkin Park record The Hunting Party (out June 16) in a location in North London, and you can win a chance to attend, hear the album in full and a few more surprises on top!
All you need to do is send in your name, email address, age and contact telephone number to feedback@kerrang.com with the subject line Linkin Park Listening Party to be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets for you and a friend. Easy!"
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Aren't they playing in Wroclaw on the 4th June? Also Rock Sound are running the same competition in the UK for that listening event:


Want to hear Linkin Park's new album 'The Hunting Party' before anyone else? Stupid question, really - OF COURSE YOU DO!

On Tuesday, June 03, there will be an intimate and exclusive playback of 'The Hunting Party' in a North London location where a lucky few will get to hear the album in full. We've been told there might be a few more surprises in store, too...

Interested? All you need to do is send in your name, email address, age and contacttelephone number to info@rocksound.tv with the subject line Linkin Park Listening Party to be in with a chance of winning one of two pairs of tickets we have to give away.

There are, as always, a few rules:

1. You MUST be able to attend on Tuesday and to be in the north London area by no later than 5.45pm in order to gain entry (the event should last approx. 2hours).
2. You must be over 18 years of age to attend the event.
3. Please bring a form of ID with you or you may be refused entry.

The competition closes midnight on Thursday, May 29 and the winners will be selected at random & notified by 12pm on Friday, May 30.
Read more at http://www.rocksound.tv/news/article/do-you-want-to-hear-linkin-parks-the-hunting-party-before-anyone-else#1fCVMUrFQzdwuPG1.99

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One of the lucky people to be selected for Listening Party in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Here's my review. Not too details i think.

1. KEYS TO THE KINGDOM: It's heavy. It's not like what I expected but it's great. Heavy. Chester's keep screaming. (4/5)

2. ALL FOR NOTHING (feat. PAGE HAMILTON): I must said I love Page Hamilton voice. The chorus part really catchy. Mike's rapping as usual. (5/5)

3. GUILTY ALL THE SAME (feat. RAKIM): No need to review i think. haha. (5/5)

4. THE SUMMONING: Instrumental. I thought this gonna be great but it's like "okay" for me. It's awesome. Experimental. (3/5)

5. WAR: If I said Linkin Park turns into Metallica, will you believe it? Yes, this track really heavy. If this track leak, you won't believe it is Linkin Park. (5/5)

6. WASTELANDS: Some of you already listened to this. Mike's rapping flow awesome. (5/5)

7. UNTIL IT'S GONE: No need to review. lol (4/5)

8. REBELLION (feat. DARON MALAKIAN): On the "Favourite Track" section, I wrote this song. Dont know why but this is my fav. track from the album. LP turns into freaking SOAD! Rob's drumming really SICK! Dont forget, Chester's screaming "REBELLION"! (5/5)

9. MARK THE GRAVES: All i remember this song flows/structure hard for me to remember. Maybe because first time listened to it. All i remember is the footage of whales. lol (4/5)

10. DRAWBAR (feat. TOM MORELLO): An instrumental that kinda awesome but not sure which part is Tom Morello. (3/5)

11. FINAL MASQUERADE: Definitely a perfect single for radio-friendly. Love the chorus, how's Chester sings during the verse. (5/5)

12. A LINE IN THE SAND: Now I know why people in US who attends the Listening Party so fuzz about this song. It's FREAKING MASSIVE AWESOME! Mike's singing, Chester's sing on the chorus, then Mike's rapping. From slow to heavy! (5/5)

That's my reviews. Not accurate but that's my opinion. Don't bash me. Haha. All I can say is this album really heavy and not like "Minutes to Midnight", "A Thousand Suns" and "LIVING THINGS". It's like a rebirth of LINKIN PARK. If this is their first album, definitely will be like "Hybrid Theory" to me.

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It's like a rebirth of LINKIN PARK


Best line i've read from a review, awesome! what kind of visuals they used during the songs?


Already replied on chat but it's okay. haha. They used lots of footages based on song titles. Example like "War", they using footages of World War, and more. For GATS & UIG, they used lyric videos.

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You say Mark the Graves had footage and imagery of whales and ocean?


Yup. it's a footage that shows a bunch of people who's hunting whales on the sea and killed them. nothing to do with Linkin Park actually. that random guy at Warner Music Malaysia find those video. haha

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