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I just heard the wastelands audio clip about 40 secs on the UFC 174 promo video during the UFC 173 Pay Per View. Sounded pretty catchy with NMike verses and Chester singing too.


Look for the ufc 174 promo vid on youtube soon

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LP Russia posted a preview clip on YouTube with this cover art. Not sure whether it's official or not. Looks like a blend cover of "THE HUNTING PARTY" and "UNTIL IT'S GONE".



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This clip reminded me a lot of When They Come For Me.

On the first listen I also thought the mix sounded pretty lazy.

I also think that every lyrics we got from the album so far are pretty bad.

After listening to the live version, I think it is a great song.

While the verses have that WTCFM feel along with groovy heavy guitars, the chorus remind me a lot of Sum 41's work (when Dave was still in the band), specially on the ending, after Chester starts to sing softer.

It's also very catchy. I like it.

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Definitely a solid Linkin Park track. Those "scratching" (not sure if that's what it really is) sounds in the background really keep this song from sounding stale. Mike's delivery on the verse is insane. His rhyme patterns definitely have stepped back into the Xero days, but maintaining a simpler vocabulary. This is Mike with his best swagger. Chester's screams sound pretty weak in this, but from what we've been hearing that's not the case for the album.

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Not bad, but UIG and GATS seems to be better, it might be because the audio I heard is in bad quality and that I didn't hear whole song. The scream at the end of the chorus, seem pretty weak, I hope there's more screaming in that song. I like the verse more than the chorus, both vocally and instrumentally. I think it might be the next single, sounds pretty "radio-ish" for me.


Can someone give me the link to the UFC promo, that contains the song?

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