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Favorite album  

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  1. 1. The Hunting Party not available

    • Hybrid Theory
    • Meteora
    • Minutes To Midnight
    • A Thousand Suns
    • Living Things

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I used to think that "best album" and "favorite album" were basically the same thing. Most of the time, I would say that most people's favorite album is also the one they think is the best. I guess it's not always like that though, depending on how you determine what makes something "best".


Anyway, since this question is asking what my favorite album is and not what I think the best is...I'm going with...Minutes to Midnight. At this current point in time, MTM is probably my favorite album from them. And it may remain that way for a long time.

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Best Album: A Thousand Suns. LP mastered a concept album start-to-finish, even with the interludes. Creatively a genius record. Lots of different sounding songs all combined into one awesome album.


Favorite Album: Meteora. Straight jams start to finish. In particular after that common phrase I use often, I mean that the samples the band has taken and compiled into these 3-4 minute rock songs are A+. From the intro to Lying From You to the samples on From The Inside, etc....the band got really creative with that stuff and mastered the creation of some truly awesome, rockin' songs. I think I read somewhere that there are 6-8 layers of guitars on some songs. Don Gilmore truly nailed it with his "kid in Cleveland" statement, meaning that a song still rocks the first or five millionth time you've heard it and that's the case on Meteora. From The Inside, Lying From You, Don't Stay, Figure.09, etc are all filthy to me.

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The only song I can handle on Living Things is Powerless, and that would have been the one outlying slow song on the record. Castle Of Glass is alright. Fuck the rest. Primo should have been on A Thousand Suns and not reworked into I'll Be Gone. I actually have listened to Primo probably 20-30x versus the 5-6x I've listened to Living Things.

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Even though I chose ATS as my favorite, I do enjoy LT as well. I think LITE and COG are some of the best songs LP has produced. The three minute "firecracker" songs were a great contrast to the atmospheric tracks of ATS. It was a great direction to take at that time and if they continued to do more of an abstract type of music like ATS, then I think it would've been a little too much.

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ATS for me, that album is just amazing! Defienetly the best music the band has crafted. I stille listen to it pretty much everyday. MTM is a close second. At the moment meteora is my least favorite, i still like it, but at the moment it bores me.

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Hybrid Theory.


Every single song is A+ standard, it's just over half an hour of utterly perfect rock music. One of my top three favourite albums of all time, by any artist.


I love A Thousand Suns as a well, as a whole thing, but when many of the tracks are taken out and heard individually they don't stand up quite as well, and because HT is perfect both as a whole and based on any one song you pull out of it, it remains my favourite to this day.

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