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The Carnivores Tour - Summer 2014

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I'm not sure how many of you would be interested in this, but...


30 Seconds To Mars' movie, ARTIFACT, will have some screenings between shows. Many of you have probably seen it, for the fact that Chester is in it, or simply out of interest. For those who don't know, it's a movie following 30STM's battle with EMI (a $30 million lawsuit) and the creation of their third album, This Is War. You can watch a trailer on iTunes.


Currently, there's only two screenings on tour, in Chicago and Dallas. A ticket costs $20, but a special package for a Q&A with Jared, a photo, and priority entry into the theater costs $250.


For those who aren't on the Carnivores Tour, there's some other screenings in Europe, South America, and Africa also available for the year.



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Is there any information on Meet & Greets for Carnivores Tour yet? I know in recent years, you had to click on ''I'm Attending'' and you would automatically be entered for a chance to win. Does that apply right now for this tour as well? It appears there is a ''Meet & Greet'' option next to ''Buy Tickets'' on the show page, but it's whited out for some reason. I'm really trying to get a Meet & Greet for Mansfield or Holmdel, I'm not going to bother for Wantagh because I have pit and want to be on the bar up front.

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MARS just had to reschedule their show in Costa Rica to September 3. I doubt it'll be a Carnivores Tour show since it's a reschedule, but who knows?


MORE news, this time about the Phoenix show. For some reason the show is being pushed back time-wise to start at 6:30. Doors at 5:30 and AFI at 6:30. Curfew perhaps?



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