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Unknown Video/Show


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Has anyone seen these before?


These are definitely screencaps from a video. They are in 720x480 NTSC resolution. I found these in a big collection of LP pics someone sent me once but no idea where those originally come from.


I have not yet looked into it any further but they look like they are from 2002.





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Sure it's from 2002 and also it's from a multicamera recording, not from audience shot. It's another mistery like the My December picture from Astat's website.

I established that that picture is from Docklands 2001 a while ago. And looking at it again, it's also in 720x480 resolution, so it's probably another old linkinpark.com photo like the others posted here. Note the small black bars on either side, just like of all of the photos in this thread. http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b168/bul...ewebs/b11-1.jpg


These are probably screenshots from Fiore's archives that were posted on the website towards the end of the Hybrid Theory touring cycle. They all seem to be from September of 2001 or later.

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Great finds. I haven't seen almost any of these before. The one of Chester in the crowd is really cool...people going to big lengths to get to him haha. It's good we have this stuff archived here. I think I'll do a news post soon of all of them just so people who haven't seen them can check them out.

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I think this is a great chance for us to ask about these pictures (videos):


Join us on Thursday, January 16th at 9:30am PST for an exclusive video chat with Mark Fiore, LINKIN PARK’s videographer.

Mark will be answering your questions about his experience as LP’s videographer on the road. Mark is the guy behind all of the LPTV and LPU-TV episodes.

WHEN: Thursday, January 16th

TIME: 9:30am PST

WHERE: http://lpunderground.com/chat

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