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DJ Fresh producing LP's new album?


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Almost one year ago:


DJ Fresh has revealed that he is working with Linkin Park on new material.


The Drum n' Bass producer, who topped the charts with Rita Ora on 'Hot Right Now' earlier this year, let slip his plans with the metal band during an interview with the Daily Star.


Trying to keep schtum, DJ Fresh said: "I can’t really say much about it yet as we’re not sure whose record it will be for.”"


The collaboration, first mentioned earlier this year, could be for the next DJ Fresh album or as part of whatever Linkin Park come out with next. Either way it shows the ever increasing profile of EDM and bands moing toward new sounds to star relevant.


That said, DJ Fresh has said that he is in no great hurry to break America, saying: "I’ve seen so many people chase the American dream, but I’ve never been even slightly concerned with that. My main focus is to make people dance and if people in America like it they do and if they don’t they don’t."


Linkin Park topped the UK Album Chart earlier this year with their latest album 'Living Things'.


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Sucks that we never got the COG Remix, despite it being used in numerous LPTV episodes. As for the Victimized remix, Mike Shinoda was joking around last year (I think maybe Loveline) about how Mike E. from Incubus should make a super heavy metal remix of Victimized. It was probably just a joke, but that would be bad ass if it turned out to be true.


Anyways, I don't think LP would let someone like DJ Fresh produce their next studio album. Maybe they would work with him on remixes or a collaboration (he may have produced A Light That Never Comes), but I think LP will stick with Rick Rubin again. Especially since Mike posted that pic of where Rick helped Kanye produce Yeezus.

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I was thinking about if post this new in my site or not, and then i saw some new links and this video:


where, DJ Fresh talks about that.


Maybe is another song for LPRecharge and thats all, let's be honest if they don't add new music for the game, nobody will play the game. ^_^ (no offense)


Also, remember that Shinoda said several times that they want to make some attractive stuff for the game, and seems like music is one of those things.

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I'm not fond of the direction LP is going if they are going to go into a EDM/dubstep phase. Meh. I hope these are just one off tracks and that the new LP music doesn't sound like this.

If the next album is going to be a Korn-esque movement (the dubstep tragedy), then I'm not interested.
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No offense, but I don't see why people are comparing these collaborations to 'We Made It' at all. Busta Rhymes and Dubstep/EDM music are not the same at all. For example, I like Busta Rhymes and I like some hip-hop, but I despise Dubstep/EDM music for the most part. They are not the same. We Made It was also made in 2008, this is 2013, and it seems as though LP are doing more than one collaboration with artists in this genre, not to mention they seem to be taking an extreme liking to tons of DJ's and shit on Twitter. LIVING THINGS was also really electronic, but not like this.


Honestly, LP (to me) has always had a very unique style of electronic music within their songs. I don't find Dubstep/EDM music to be unique. It's a trend. It's a trend much like nu-metal was back in the day. It will die out eventually. Quote this post and years down the road you will see I was right.


Anyways, I seriously LP doesn't pull a Korn and release that kind of album, complete with special guests and all that. I would be so disappointed that it might make me ponder on if I'm still a fan of the band, which is saying a lot. I've been a LP fan since I was 10 years old and I have spent so much money on LP and LP merch it's sickening. I've traveled tons of places to see LP. LP is a big part of my life. I've even stuck by them through crazy changes, like MTM and ATS were at the time, and even LT to an extent. But I will not stick by them if they continue down this road.. They honestly picked the genre of music that I hate the most. I hate this type of music almost as much as I hate the Justin Beiber type of music.

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Sometimes ,I think LP don't like their fans anymore. :(

It's not that, but I think LP definitely has this chip on their shoulder that basically says ''We can do whatever the fuck we want, and if our fans don't like it, oh well. Who cares what they think, we'll just make music that we want''. While it's fine to have that attitude, I think it comes to an extent. You shouldn't deliberately WANT to make music that will divide your fans. If you happen to be making music that is different, it's a whole different story IMO. It's kind of weird to make music for the sole fact that you want to divide your fans. I don't know any other bands that do that. I've also heard a lot of horror stories (especially recently) about the band being dicks at meet and greets and shit. Sometimes their responses on Twitter can come across dickish, too. But that's just my opinion I guess. I just think LP has definitely changed over the past year in crazy ways, both as people, and as a band.

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Geki, I know what you mean. It's like the changes are SO huge from record to record its like they WANT to alienate fans. I haven't heard about them acting like dicks at meet and greets though... I've been an LP fan since I was 9, and one thing (besides their music) I've always admired about them is their personalities. It would really suck to see that it's changing..

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I don't think that they're sellouts, I just think they have this weird thing where they feel they must PROVE that they can do anything. It's like "You think HT and Meteora were good? Check out this alternative rock album. Think that was good? Check out this electronic-driven "experience". Think that was good? Check this out: it's like everything in one. Think we're out of genres? Check out this EDM collab." It's like WE GET IT YOU'RE A VERSATILE BAND. I like all the albums but I don't understand where that attitude comes from. I remember reading a thread here asking if they will be forgotten if they were to call it a day. I think at this rate, yes. They're becoming a "jack of all trades master of none" type band.

Not everyone is like us. Some people probably love their older stuff, and turn their noses up at Iridescent and WID. The reverse is probably also true. They have not made a mark in music and stuck it out. They could have, if they stayed on the path they were on with Meteora. But they thought "fuck that we're not being labeled!". In doing that, they pushed away a lot of people and gained some others who didn't like them before. It's like they're ditching and gaining fans with each album (besides the hardcore fans who stick with them). I'm not saying they shouldnt have grown. i just think it feels a little forced sometimes. I think MTM sounds like more of a natural progression of their sound then ATS. I also remember them saying they had ideas they delibirately junked because it was too "Linkin Park-ish" while simaltaneously saying they "write whatever they want". I NEVER understood that. I'm a fan and I always will be, I just don't like the idea that they are forcing these style changes. I'm really sorry to rant guys... I just wanted to vent a little bit.

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