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  1. Does anyone know anything about(or have) the negative from this interview(from 00:00 to 00:57) ? I think it's a sample from the Krwlng.
  2. Does anyone have this songs as mp3s ? Thanks.
  3. Great news. The record could be released in the spring.
  4. Misi

    2010 -> 2011

    happy new year everyone !!! lots of lp shows this year in as many countries as possible
  5. i like xefusioner's version of Burning In The Skies video Wrectches And Kings should be the 4th single
  6. almost mike, put high res pics !
  7. first of all happy birthday Hybrid Theory, congratulation Linkin Park and thank you what and album...every song a masterpiece i remember seeing for the first time OSC on tv, it was great, but it was Crawling who made me love LP(Crawling is my favorite song all-time), i can't describe what i was feeling when this song was playing(I love the other song very much). In 2004-05 i began trading bootlegs, and i saw how fucking amazing they perform live I think that one of there best performance was Crawling from Live In Texas(i know it was edited), how the crowed sang the chorus...amazing once again... hb HT
  8. Misi

    Puzzle #2

    good lyrics
  9. Misi

    Mike's New Tease

    you have to be very carefull when you write down this numer01000110 F 01100001 a 01101100 l 01101100 l 01110011 s 00100000 - " " that's a space
  10. Misi

    Mike's New Tease

    of course it's binaryit should be encoded in ASCII code here is an ASCII binary to text converter : link if someone has time to write-down thous ones and zeros i/we could enter that in the ASCII converter and probably get a nice message
  11. looks great and the themes change quickly
  12. i hope we'll have something by the end of the day
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