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  1. Fuck! I hoped for setlist rotation too. Seems like we won't have changes in the set for the whole europe tour. What a pity
  2. You forgot me for both dates in your list!
  3. I just visited linkinparkbr.com and found a link to a download of the Linkin Park: 360 Sessions It's the KROQ's Kevin and Bean Breakfast Show from 07.09.2010 and was shown on Channel 4 in the UK. Download it here Thanks to lpzion.org
  4. Great news! I'm excited for the shows i will go to of course. But is it nit possible to buy the dsp directly at the shows as usual?
  5. Will we have a dsp from that show or better: Did they plan dsp for the current tour?
  6. just visited lp association forum ! They talked about the sessions. Some people watched it, some recorded it, too. But nobody posted or uploaded something. So is there anybody who can post it? Or add it to you tube? Please , we all can't wait for another LP live Video 2010. they are so less so far. We had more of such cool live sessions during MTM. And still nothing from the NY DSP? Right??
  7. Is this really just the kroq show? Kevin& bean breakfast or what??
  8. Nice! I love the song. I know I'll love the video , too. Great picture. Waiting for the end and waiting for the video :-)))
  9. A few mintues ago I found this on LP association: UK fans will be able to see Linkin Park give a behind the scenes tour of the making of their album, A Thousand Suns next week, as well as performing some live tracks for the session as part of the Music on 4: 360 Sessions series. Tune in early October 5th, Tuesday morning at 12:10AM (Monday night) to watch the 35 minute show. Amazing! Some live tracks before the tour will kick off. Remember we had Channel 4 session during the MTM cycle. Ideas for the live songs they will play??
  10. Is there a chance to have that as audio or video? I mean like the last rehearsals from mtm
  11. Yeah! Pretty nice! I love the suicide girls..... Haha!!
  12. yeah, the catalyst in online now. Great, I hoped for it
  13. I hoped they add an ats song. Ok but numb is really perfectly performed. I think they are really ready for the tour
  14. Today the second live video "New Divide" from the New York show is available on MySpace. New Divide Enjoy! Source: http://www.myspace.com/linkinpark/videos Yes it's online. I made a seperate post in the forum not chester's best new divide but good. It was the first song of the set , his voice get better with every song they play
  15. yeah it's pretty nice! Chester's singing is very close at the studio version I think It was great, in view that this was the second ever live perfomance of this song
  16. As far as i know this was filmed by a fan... Great to see brad on the keyboards Mike is rapping his part while he' s playing guitar. Awesome
  17. The first live videos from the New York show are now available on MySpace. Parts of it were filmed by the MySpace contest winners. There are more videos to come! Waiting For The End - Download (megaupload) New Divide - Download (megaupload) Numb - Download (megaupload) The Catalyst - Download (megaupload) Source: http://www.myspace.com/linkinpark/videos Thanks to michalangelo and radq for the download links!
  18. Yeah! Would be great! Remember the aol session 2007. It was amazing. I love live studio ...
  19. here's the link: http://lptimes.com/2010/09/15/linkin-park-...how-on-myspace/ It has to do with the " Film LP on the NY show for my space" action I think
  20. Just visited LPTimes.com a few minutes ago... They announced as follows: ...and MySpace Music will be releasing four songs, one each day, from footage filmed by Linkin Park/MySpace fans beginning September 17. .... Thoughts?
  21. Dsp! Nice! Only problem could be to have the dsp if you weren' t at the show. Or is it possible to share this NY Dsp ? With the last dsp' s it was not allowed.
  22. I say thank you so much, too. I was so excited for this shit. And everything I can say: The songs are really amazing live. Great! I have to say that after several times that I listened to the new record I am very happy with it
  23. no surprise! it is something we already know. But thanks for the news. Oh by the way: A few hours ago I got an email from amazon. at 17 o'clock german time they dispatched a package for me: ATS !!!! That means i'll get it tomorrow. FUCK YEAH!!!
  24. No, the second half is not the reason. Also I didn't say that I hate soft songs from LP. I love LOATR SODT and speaking of ATS : Iridescent or WFTE. I just miss chester's screaming voice on the new record.
  25. So I listened to every single track now on YT Heard just one Song with "CHESTER SCREAMS" : Blackout - is that right? Just one song with our SCREAMING Chester, too less The Requiem, The Radiance, Jornada del Muerto, Wisdom, Justice, and Love - JUST FUCK, what is going on? These inderludes are needless and bad too. I' ve waited for heavy tracks like given up - but no chance. A heavy track on the album is blackout , and that is just a shit so waht do you think guys?
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