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  1. Wtf is going on with chester during burn it down. He sounded so bad. Especially after the bridge...
  2. I was there, too with my cousin. One of the best LP shows i've ever seen. The band was fuckin' awesome. Can't discribe... apfmh bridge over bio live is just motherfuckin hardcore, i loved it
  3. i will be in oberursel. my cousin and i will start in about one hour. my sixth lp show and the first in the middle of the crowd. the last ones were all with a seat place. Great set last night in leipzig, would be happy to see this set in oberursel. No meet and greet this time.
  5. FS84

    "Set B13"

    the sets are nice imo. No question. But I'm really sick of songs like LFY and crawling. These are really great songs but they did this shit 1000 times. LFY was at almost every show since they released Meteora. They could really drop LFY and replace it with Figure09 or easier to run ( just and example ) I know crawling is an LP trademark but please drop it for with you or something else
  6. FS84

    2010 -> 2011

    happy new year! Oh yes 2010 was a really great LP year. So much new shit about them. Fucking awesome. We can be very happy to be at such a great place here at lplive.net. My LP moment 2010 was my M&G with the band at Stuttgart. Togehter with lp live member valentitix at the M&G and later as a surprise seat by seat at the concert. Great.
  7. Yeah, this tour is fucking awesome. I'm glad that I was able to see the amazing "LP 2010" twice in germany. Very good setlists, beautiful people at the shows and the band with so much fun I was at my first lpu m&g. I only say one thing: LP live 2011 in europe/ germany - I'm coming
  8. MikeDiVirgilio's twitter: Setlist: Requim W+K Lfy Given up WId Nms Fti Jornada Wfte Blackout Numb Wisdom... Bits Fallout Catalyst Sotd Ite Bio Encore: Empty spaces Wtcfm Crawling New divide Faint Osc Is that correct? Thanks for your updates
  9. Wow!! Over 700 posts and almost every post is the question: when will the show starts?Go to your first show and then you'll know...
  10. 30 sec to mars just won best rock. Fuck them. They are a band for little children. By the way: congrats to the guys for the best live perf. award
  11. ok, thanks! What was ober BIo Bridge or at the beginning?
  12. Yeah , you're right! That's exactly what I say....During the Stuttgart I did not hear chester's mistakes... - Maybe at the end of numb ( the last oooohhhh from him ) - Beginning of Shadow of the day - His chorus singing on WTCFM ( near the end ) Wow without DSP we would not able to hear something like that Seems it was not his best day But what is curious: chester is fucking awesome on the catalyst. This song is much harder to sing than the ones I mentioned Check it out on the Stuttgart DSP and tell me what you guys think about
  13. Hey Guys! I was in Frankfurt too. Fucking good show. Really. My fifth LP show. But I had a feeling after that .. Just great Maybe my best one so far . Chester was awesome. Believe it. Everyone who was there can confirm it. His voice yesterday..unbelieveable RME ober BIO Intro was cool, love it Oh yeah and in the park area I met LPL user OVERKILL with his red LPL shirt! Always nice to meet other LPL user. LPL!!!!!!
  14. I'm here. Futureheads just finishd. I expect lp in next 10 - 15 minutes. Hope for a badass show
  15. Yeah! Right! And that will make every single dsp more interesting
  16. Now we will have jdm and wfte. Same set will be played i think. The only change was lfy for papercut
  17. Fuck lying from you. We all heard it at almost every show since it was added.
  18. FS84

    LPLive + Mike

    Fucking amazing!! I think that is nice for every user here on lpl especially for the staff. Congrats
  19. Wow! I'm excited to hear how this sound. Something new
  20. Awesome dude! I had my meet and greet at Stuttgart last week - my first one. But it was almost my 4th show. Congrad. for you M & G. Enjoy the badass set, man
  21. Yeah mike! Enjoy the show in dortmund tonight. Hope lp kick some ass with apfmh
  22. Seems like we have less guys from france here I will ask valentin, I guy I met in stuttgart last week. Maybe he will post the set here. He is member of lpl
  23. And the ones that will go to hamburg and have their first show on that tour? Maybe they'll say: wow I loved that set but now for hamburg they changed the set.... Maybe they want crawling and LP would drop it.. They would be sad You can't make a set list that everyone love
  24. Cool i 'll try to sign the poster after the show. Have my first meet and greet. So excited just like you guys. Would be cool to meet you jonas
  25. yeah, I' going to Stuttgart. Will be my 4 th LP Concert. This time with a big surprise: LPU MEET AND GREET. Can't wait anymore, I'm so fucking excited... Let's rock Stuttgart
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