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  1. Wow. Great!! Very interessting to hear chester record vocals. Unbelievable his amazing voice. I love his FUCK when he didn't hit a tone. Mike cool. Beautiful LPTV
  2. For me it was clear that the new record will not be released until October. I said it often here in the forum. Chester's touring with DBS and nice little things like LPU 9, the game and NOT ALONE for HAITI ... that's all things that pushed the new album towards the end of 2010 I think after the DBS Tour ending it's going to be quiet about Chester,Linkin park and DBS Chester will take a break to "RENEW" his voice and after that they will finishing the new record I think...A new Tour could start February 2011
  3. Hi ! His birthday is really the 20th. I know this because Frankfurt 2008 show. The show was on the 20 th Jan and they sang HB to Rob
  4. I don't expect the record in the first half of 2010. It will take more time to finsih it. Think about the dead by sunrise dates , they announced, for example I said it already before: the new LP record is maybe out in october or november Maybe in early 2011
  5. I tried so hard and got so far but IN THE END it doesn't even matter

  6. what a pitty I hate it to wait for the new album But you're right HAHNINATOR, I think we have to wait We won't get the new record in 2010 LP will take a lot of time And I think DBS has caused that , too
  7. Nice that we can see dbs in germany But I want to repeat something I said a few weeks ago in addition with dbs tour dates You will see this is a lot to do for chester... touring with dbs (more and more new dates), studio work with LP, his family... I'm sure we have to wait for the new LP album till the end of 2010 What do you guys think about??
  8. so hello ... Dead by sunrise is really nice , I like it... They are playing a lot of shows, I think so Also shows in Jan and Feb , as announced That makes me thinking about the new Linkin Park Studio Album I'm sure early 2010 or middle 2010 won't work... Chester has actually a lot to do with DBS It will be Nov 2010 or early 2011 till we have a new LP Studio album So that is only my opinion , what do you think , guys?
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