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  1. Where did you see news about him having a new home studio? I want all the details!
  2. Alex, this is the beginning of your stardom...hah. The dark side of it. YOU HAVE FANGIIIIIRLS :>
  3. I never went to a LP concert. BUT. I accidentally caught the 2004 rar show live on MTV. It blew my mind. The night after, I kept having weird dreams...most of them with Rob explaining stuff to me. I woke up knowing that the drums are calling me. Rob was one of the first people I looked up to when it came to drums. He has a special charm when playing that caught my attention. So...this is my most memorable experience.
  4. I didn't get my prize from the JK giveaway yet
  5. Thaanks for the invite; I joined the LPL group
  6. Why are the pics so important for you?
  7. Besides yugialex, no one was on topic ) Anyway, by 'media', I first understood a mix of video and audio(or something along those lines), then I understood what I posted here....we'll see when the album's out
  8. Mightthis be what they're talking about? Selling the music on these new MicroSD cards?
  9. What do people mean by 'interactive album'?
  10. Actually, I don't like them either....and for the same reasons Nook doesn't
  11. This IS authentic...I messed around with '26 lettaz' and changed the pitch and it's Chester, indeed. Personally, I can understand those who are angry.....but it an awesome CD! It's soo funny :>
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