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  1. Yeah, I was on late last night and I guess no one was online, download was stalled. More pieces have become available thru the day today so I'll just be patient and hope that keeps happening. TY!
  2. If anyone out der could seed this thang again, I missed the train on it 5 years ago AND 2 years ago lol TIA!
  3. I just don't get it. Why does Warner have to go and screw shit up for the rest of us? And true, we can't keep saying that Mike said it was okay to (and I quote) "Torrent away!". Warner owns Mikes ass, not the other way around. They pretty much have the power to override what he says about anything that has to do with their material. Is there anyway that LP could get out of Warner's contract and Start their own label?
  4. Dude I Know! I was on the ground when I first saw that!
  5. What I don't get though, is they let everything be all fine and dandy.. But just randomly decided "Ohh, wait, they can't do that!" I think someone pissed someone else off. Just a thought.
  6. Its not a waste. Just pay 10 bucks more to not only get access to the site and downloads,but you get the t-shirt and other collectibles. Plus, even the Online Pass lasts a year. I'm sure everything thats exclusive to the LPU will be well worth $15 by the time a year has passes.
  7. I thought it was just between Warner and YouTube. If thats the case then they'd still be able to put it on itunes and the LP Widget, right?
  8. I DIG IT MAN! Big thanks to Mike.
  9. Here ya go! Megaupload Sorry it took so long. I got caught up with something else.
  10. I've got all of MTM in .pdf, want that?
  11. lol nice! Why'd you have it off in the 1st place?
  12. Chester is gonna be just like Chris Cornell. Hes just gonna decline until he can't do it at all. Chris Cornell is amazing but look at him 10 years ago. Lot better right? Linkin Park is going to be one of those bands that are around forever but its just gonna get worse on Chester's note.
  13. And One does sound more 'solid' than on the Hybrid Theory EP. I'm listening on headphones right now and I'm impressed.
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