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  1. Could someone help seeding this concert on lp-bits, or re-upload the links on mega, please?
  2. Could someone please re-upload the mega link in the first post?
  3. I have no words. Like someone said, I thought this day would never come for him. Very sad!
  4. I liked the song, and somehow it reminds me Bloc Party.
  5. You guys from LPLive staff should edit the part of this news that says that Linkin Park will be performing in Jamaica, since it's not a real fact.
  6. If they come, at least 2 concerts I'll be there! \o/
  7. Oh my fuckin' God, this song is most than great!
  8. Could anyone upload this one on another site, please? Thanks, anyway!
  9. http://lplive.net/shows/20010126.php This wasn't the first performance of "And One" because in that one they had already played this song.
  10. Happy Anniversary!!! LPLive is the BeAst!!! THX guys.
  11. I will be there, at least one show!!!! :D
  12. I hope someone have recorded this concert. I mean, I hope for good quality of this concert, cause I guess so much people has recorded it.
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