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  1. THIS. I also find it funny that people have actually considered LP "metal". Depeche Mode + power chords + rapper + screaming = Metal, apparently
  2. Artist Direct writers seem to get boners while listening to anything, so it's kinda "eh....we'll see"
  3. I keep forgetting that people think that Meteora has good lyrics. I also find it funny that now people are disappointed that this doesn't sound like ATS. It sounds like a Linkin-parkified JUSTICE song.
  4. whoever wrote this must have bad ears. There's a whole lotta wrong
  5. The Catalyst What I've Done One Step Closer Somewhere I Belong
  6. Don't look too deep in it. It's a song based album, but the art is concept/experimental this time
  7. Nope, because videos aren't recorded in one take with the song playing. If that were the case though, the audio would have to be edited because no one stops a set for just a second. I used to work on a TV show
  8. It was a pretty sarcastic and somewhat belittling response too...I'm with him tho. Everything that's popped up has been terribly fake. I'm kinda disappointed that it was actually twittered as news.
  9. It can't/won't for legal reasons. Pictureboard is though
  10. You know that one song, The Catalyst? ..Have you heard the full thing? You must not be a big LP fan, because...no. They don't even really give a fuck about anyone's expectations.
  11. It's because the HT demos were given to various labels. If something from Meteora or MtM leaked, that would mean a band member or somebody they know put it out. Chances are slim
  12. lol I genuinely find it funny that I have never seen one post from you that doesn't have any negativity in it
  13. I think anybody who makes music or just has a good working pair of ears knows that a flanger doesn't sound like T-pain or Kesha....like seriously.
  14. I'm pretty sure "When They Come For Me" is the "motherfucker" song. There's only cursing in that one and "Blackout"
  15. Don Gilmore always had them layer their vocals. Did you listen to Loveline? That shit was funny.Chester said he listened to how the layering sounded on a song and asked Don "How am I supposed to do this live?" and Don replied "That sounds like somebody else's problem"
  16. Everybody PLEASE IGNORE THE AUTO-TUNE STATEMENT FOR NOW. No diss to Ana, but nowadays everybody seems to think that flangers and funky voice modulations are auto-tune. and I also don't get why Chester not screaming alot sucks...Chester never screamed alot anyway. And hey, if you don't like Mike as lead, you can totally blame the mixer for that one edit: About "Auto-tune"...it's used ALOT MORE THAN YOU KNOW. It's just not obvious. The "T-pain effect" is NOT what Auto-tune was made for. It's made to smooth out shit so that singers sound perfecto. It does not make you sound like
  17. hahaha I had a dream that I was in my car listening to a song with Mike and Chester rapping. It was aight and the beat was dope. funny shit
  18. Hey you. read more. Nobody said that all LP plays are singles. Jani said "almost all". That said, they do play most if not all of their singles, and they have played all of their album songs at least once. Singles get priority though. That's pretty much it
  19. I think the assumptions are safe. When I look at the video I'm like "that is totally me!"...I'm a guy who hasn't had vocal training, doesn't take care of my voice, and is pretty hit-or-miss in a live show lol In a few years maybe I can open up for Linkin Park!!!!!
  20. I kinda get a feeling that they don't care about the numbers....and that may be true BUT I personally want them to have a single as big as "Crawling" or "In the End"
  21. Seriously. That's another thing I like about this video. He's out of tune. Chester isn't the best singer in the world, and he yells "fuck!" But obviously Chester will be singing this alot, so I'd like to not think that this album is filled with giganto pitch editing.
  22. lol I think this is awesome for 3 reasons. 1. I was just in the studio yelling "fuck!" every time I messed up 2. Mike seems really awesome. 3. I hate Mike for being rich and having a ridiculously big monitor
  23. How I dislike Figure .09 and Hit the Floor and QWERTY (live) It doesn't mean people who do forced themselves, it just means they like horrible music I kid....kinda