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  1. dkrebel

    Live Setlists

    Lol.. This is pretty stupid. You can't expect them to rotate songs just because some people go to more then 1 show. You should be happy you get to see them! I dont have the money to travel to Germany or Engeland (i live in Holland). All i can say is buy 1 ticket and stop complaining or accept the fact that they dont rotate the songs yet.
  2. This is gonna be epic! Those screens look amazing! Can't wait for the vid.
  3. Lol if you listen really good you can hear him sing so no he isnt faking!
  4. Yeah! Now thats what i call a nice thing to see in your mail when you wake up in the morning Btw, i was wondering.. How long will it take for the album and the pack. to arrive?! Will it be the same time like the LPU or..?! EDIT: did you guys also had a double file with Wretches and Kings?!
  5. Lol! I geuss the guard fell asleep?!
  6. Lol huge mistake? Uhm yeah, they made a cd that they really like and you dont. Cant call that a mistake but a matter of taste and opinions!
  7. Has anyone listend to this album with a good headphone on?! I did today when i went to the hospital (my sister is getting a baby today) and wow.. With the headphones on it was one big trip! Way better then listening with normal speakers..!!
  8. Lol, i payed 100 euros on the pre-order! So i im downloading it anyway! Why wait when i already payed for it? Anyway, the album is totally not what i expected. Again a little to much soft songs but after playing it a couple of times its getting better and better.
  9. This makes me wonder why they picked The Catalyst as the first single.. They should have used this one! Way better and really shows a new direction! The Catalyst is different yeah but still.. It didnt give me the feeling i have now with Wretches and Kings!
  10. Wow, this song is amazing! This is the way Mike should go on with his rapping skills. Hard and heavy! Put Chester his singing/screaming skill to it and you get the perfect combo!
  11. I thought i saw tickets for 60 euros.. Thats pretty much for a concert if you ask me. Add the merch to it that you wanne buy and you will spend something like 150/200 euros.. I hope the tickets wont rise that high like U2 tickets. When my brother and i bought tickets for U2 we had to pay 90 euro for 1 ticket.. Sick!
  12. You maybe dont like but there are enough people who do like it. And for me the movies are great and became my top fav. movies.
  13. Can't wait to hear the screams from Chaz. I still hope LP will do a song for TF3!
  14. Dude, i wasnt talking about the pitch.. The guy said that you cant hear auto-tune
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