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  1. Its amazing how it takes THIS long to find this
  2. This may be my first since LPU10 that I don't sign up. We'll see.
  3. I'm still sad there were none for Australia ):
  4. That would be because few people buy bootlegs.
  5. Yeah, drop a Living Things song from the Living Things tour. what. I can't even tell if you like Linkin Park anymore.
  6. Yeah, I LOVE apfmh, but.. you can't just replace one of Linkin Park's most popular songs for it. You CAN'T. you just.. can't. BOTH PLEASE.
  7. Yeah, the M&G times clashed, they just didn't have enough time. M&G was rushed as usual with festivals, Joe left before 90% of people could get his signature. It was a really hot room. It was an awesome day and M&G though.
  8. Yeah, I have to agree. They seemed to really enjoyed themselves.. especially Mike and Chester.Also, nice to meet all the Brisbane LP people. You too Neil.
  9. Im confused by the picture of the setlist. I'm guessing that the B setlist is for the sideshows. LP won't be able to fit that in a 45min soundwave slot if im correct
  10. I would prefer songs we haven't heard live often.. but yeah. its alright. Also agree mixing of the two Rock Im Park songs aren't the greatest.. sounds like its raining.
  11. Wretches blew me away in 2010, so that was my vote. Plus High Voltage.
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