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  1. In the next couple of years? Next year hopefully. They will not be on hiatus until 2027. Anyway I'm really excited about the anniversary thing.
  2. Metal Hammer posted article about Mike's favourite albums. In the description above the link was "former Linkin Park singer". People in these magazines are dumb as fuck. They know shit and write absolute nonsense.
  3. What reunion? They've been working on a new music so they're going to play shows again. Phoenix said they're not done. Or do you mean just Hybrid Theory show with multiple singers? Sorry I'm a little bit confused.
  4. you don't know anything, man. Why LP should sound like Mike's stuff? That's absolute bullshit. They can do pretty much anything. Hard rock, rock, rap, alternative etc. There is only one limitation with Mike as a frontman and that's screaming and really high notes. Besides that, he can do anything.
  5. This is a sleepy setlist, right? I remember when Chester said during THP era they wanted to make an album with a lot of energy. They didn't want make an album full of mid-tempo songs, because the shows would be super boring and sleepy and they're known for high energy sets. I don't think Mike wanna play sleepy and boring shows. He wants to play One Step Closer or Given Up, but they don't know how. You just can't ignore the whole catalog of music and play only 20 songs over and over again. It doesn't make any sense. I don't wanna write my dream setlist cause we don't
  6. Yeah, Mike has not been releasing pop music recently. Post Traumatic is really rap/alternative album and the most recent thing Fine is straight alternative ala Nine Inch Nails. That being said, I don't like anything with Steve Aoki. He's good guy (charity work, friendship with LP), but his music suck. I used to listen dance music in college but now I can't stand it.
  7. I absolutely agree with Hahninator and graveguard. If they make a comeback, we're gonna get a new studio music at first. Anyway do you know anything about LPU19? Will they do a same thing like the last year? Just new LPU merch in online store and digital membership?
  8. Are you deadly deaf? Bubblegum pop is the worst crap ever and LP will never play this garbage. Have you watched some interviews with Mike from OML era? He said in one interview if people think we made some music like „oh baby I wanna have sex with you“ then they are completely wrong. We would never make this kind of music. In another interview he said „a lot of songs on the album can make the listener think of old songs by The Cure or Tears For Fears.“ There is definitely some awesome stuff on OML. On the other hand there is some worst LP stuff ever. I like 6 songs and that's all. And if you'r
  9. I've been a LP fan since March 2003. So 16 years. That's a very long time. I know what you mean, but I thought something different. Mike is awesome and he's very energetic live, but I would rather see a typical rock vocalist fronting the band. That's just my opinion. By the way a lot of songs were made for two voices. How can they play In The End, Bleed It Out or Faint without a second voice? It's impossible.
  10. I don't think LP will continue only with Mike as the lead singer. He said many times he's not able to sing all LP catalog. And no, fans won't sing Chester's parts. That could work only at Hollywood Bowl, but not as a permanent thing. LP needs a strong rock vocalist. Somebody who has a wide range like Chester, but great person at the same time. I don't know who is gonna be that dude, but they definitely need a new guy. I love Mike, but he can't bring the rock energy and vibe into the band. Before OML he said in some interview „I'm not a rock guy who raps, I'm a rap dude in the band.“ I've seen
  11. I agree with Kilmer. Each album is really different. THP is the heaviest album, for sure. It's heavy and definitely enough agressive. I love this album. GarretLP, I don't know man, but you can't expect from Linkin Park heaviness like Suffocation or Behemoth. Besides Mike said THP was influenced by 90's rock and hardcore. Nu-Metal is simple on playing, but it can be heavy as other metal genres. Meteora is heavier than HT. You can hear it. Mike said at the time they wanted to be heavier on Meteora. Don't Stay or Figure 09 bridge? Heavy as fuck. Figure 09 demo is even heavier. Most brutal screami
  12. OML is the worst LP album. I agree. It's a pop record in a way that every song can be a radio single, but it doesn't mean it's Taylor Swift album. Mike said in some interview that couple songs have Depeche Mode and Tears For Fears vibe. Anyway, what genre is Talking To Myself or Nobody Can Save Me in your opinion? TTM sounds like something from The Killers and NCSM is like new LOATR.
  13. Are you really LP fan? You sound like metal elitist. What LP play in your opinion? Jazz?They consider themselves as a rock band. OML is definitely not Disney pop. Whole album is soft, but it doesn't mean it's full pop. There is some indie rock,indie folk, synthpop etc. ATS is electronica/alternative/rock. LT is pretty much same, but it's more hooky. None of the band members is metalhead. Brad grew up on thrash metal, but he likes more alternative and rock stuff. Rob is definitely more into jazz and rock. Phoenix..It's hard to say and Mike? He is a rap dude at first, but he loves everything. Yo
  14. Rob and Brad are not metal musicians, because they're in a rock band. They're not top musicians, but they're good. They did a great job with THP. I didn't know they are able to play like that. THP has the best riffs in a whole LP catalog. A Line In The Sand, Mark The Graves, Rebellion or GATS...all fucking great songs. Drumming is also outstanding. I think they're more „at home“ if they play songs like No More Sorrow or Given Up, but like I said they did a great job with THP. What did you expect from THP? To be heavy like Death or Slayer? It was enough heavy for LP. How can you compare guys fr
  15. http://loudwire.com/mike-shinoda-linkin-park-future-ac-dc-situation/He didn't mention anybody, but it was just model situation how would they react in real situation. And from Billboard interview: So where do things stand with Linkin Park right now? We'll let everybody know when there's a clear message. We all have different, varying degrees of interest and stamina right now, and I don't want to hold anybody to anything they can't or they don't want to do. We still talk all the time.